Sunday, October 30, 2011

PJ turns 4

It is true, the baby of my family is now 4!  It is kind of hard for me to believe. 

 PJ has really been digging cowboys lately.  Mainly because he loves Woody from Toy Story.  So we decided to have a cowboy themed birthday party.  We started by getting Diana Waite to design the invitations for us.  They turned out so cute!

Now PJ just didn't want to be any cowboy.  He had to be Woody.  I think he is the cutest cowboy ever!  Next We had Cowboy Andy( Isn't that awesome, since Woody's owner is Andy) come over with his horses and let all the kids go on rides.

 They all had so much fun!  Even my mom rode for a bit.
 While they were waiting to ride, the kids practiced roping a dog and cow (not real ones)
 and played ring toss.
 After all the riding and games were done, We had a pinata.  I thought the boot Pinata was awesome!
 Cousin Chase really knows how to whack an pinata.
 After the pinata, we had cake and opened presents.  It was a fantastic party for my little cowboy.

On his actual birthday, He went to Carl's Jr with the family and had Grandparents visit and shower him with gifts.  He loved them all but one of his favorites had to be the bed tent.

We love PJ.  He is very exuberant, happy, full of expression and has way too much energy.  He definitely add more excitement in our home.