Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am so far behind on blogging so I will try to sum it up in no particular order:
so far this summer..... we have moved to a new city, Addie has been in a dance performance, was a little miss for the miss Utah pageant, All three kids took swimming lessons, the boys were in a dance camp, the boys also played t ball on an all cousin team( 5 first cousins, four second cousins and one third cousin) I was the judges chair for a little miss pageant in which I selected some of my favorite people to judge and audit the pageant. Addie quit gymnastics but is still taking dance 7 hours a week. Addie did a cheer camp at Maple Mountain High School. We hiked to Escalante Cross, have been to Two parades, several family barbecues, celebrated our 14th wedding Anniversary, Trey turned 6. I choreographed opening number for the Miss Santaquin pageant. Many sibling fights too many to count, A couple huge fights with Addie, including a Ramona Quimby moment where Addie ran away from home with her packed suitcase. She stood outside the neighbors house for about an hour and then made her way back home. Needless to say, Summer has been busy!! I am about ready for school to start.

 My two adorable boys playing tee ball
Addie's Aunt Meghan helped her make her bucket for Miss Utah.

 Addie with her BFF at the mall.  Acting way too old for their age.

 I love the view from my bedroom window. I stare out it all the time

The family on our hike to Escalante Cross

Addie at the Miss Utah Pageant

Trey on his 6th birthday.  He LOVES doughnuts!!