Friday, February 26, 2010

A funny moment in a bad day

Today really hasn't been a good day. It was supposed to be a great day being that it is pay day and all. But unfortunately Landan didn't get paid. The company he works for went bankrupt and Landan maybe still has a job and maybe doesn't. This information would have been so helpful before we had booked our trip to Disneyland. Oh well, I guess that is life. But Peyton put a smile on my grumpy face when I found him rocking his guitar, naked as a jaybird to the happy monster band on the Disney channel. He is a funny kid.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

little smarty pants Trey and the proud mom

I had to put this on facebook too. This totally made my day! Little Trey loves his numbers and letters. Today while playing with his letters on the fridge, turned to me and said "mom look, Trey loves mom" I looked and sure enough he had written it the best he knew how. And I was so proud and happy. What a sweet, smart 3 year old.

Friday, February 12, 2010

an Addieful week

It has been an interesting week with Addie. I will share a couple of the stories.
The first situation is I started receiving Congratulation emails from mother helpers in Addie's class. Apparently she told them I was pregnant. I immediately responded back with thanks but Oh my Gosh I am not pregnant. I am wondering how many other people out there she has told. She didn't deny the fact that she had been telling people. She simply just said that I look pregnant. (Thanks Addie I really appreciate that)
Situation #2 Addie made a little girl in her class cry by telling her she was allergic to her. A woman in my ward told me about it and that she talked to Addie about how that hurt her feelings so Addie apologized and they were friends again. At home I asked Addie why she said that. Her response was " Mom, I think I am allergic to her. So I asked why and she said "because every time I am around her I start itching." So I explained to her that even if she thinks it is true she shouldn't say things like that. She replied, " I know mom that is why I wrote her a note saying sorry that you make me itch." Addie performed at the Covey Center yesterday. She did a beautiful job. She has great stage presence and can really point her toes. Watching her dance her heart out made me feel less irritated with her.
Addie's good friend Janessa that is in her class.
Addie is so lucky to have three sets of grandparents that came to watch her. Pictured above is Addie with Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Okay, I decided that I remind myself of Dave Seville from the Chipmunks because, Like Dave I am always screaming a name. The only difference is instead of ALVIN I am screaming PEYTON!!!! This morning I found Peyton taking a bath in the kitchen sink. He is really going through a naked phase. His clothes are always off. He also strips to punish me. Whenever I put him in time out he takes off his pants and diaper. I really hope he outgrows this soon.

Trey had Nursery rhyme day at preschool. He decided to do Old Mcdonald. Doesn't he make a cute farmer?

Monday, February 1, 2010

can't stop a pageant girl from being pageanty!

The Miss America Pageant was on TLC on Saturday. It is such a shame it is on TLC. What happened to the days it was on a major network? However, TLC is the home of Toddlers and Tiaras. I highly suggest you watch if you haven't already. It is a great show of what not to do if you are a parent. Unless your goal is to look pathetic to millions of viewers. Anyway, back to Miss America, Addie and I look forward to watching this every year. we get out our score sheets and we judge the contest. We were disappointed that Miss Utah and Miss Alabama did not make it to the top 15. We had to find new favorites. Addie's favorite miss Virginia won. So now Addie has to be Miss Virginia while playing pageant. "You can take the girl out of pageants but you can't take the pageant out of the girl." This is her "I can't believe I won" face.

Must watch the swim suit walk.