Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New cousin

We went to see the new cousin today. Little Chad appears to be a perfect baby. He is snuggly and smiley and seems very content. My kids loved him. He was adopted by Foed and Kelly on Monday. He is four months old. Addie especially was excited to have another cousin that is adopted and black. I was really surprised to see Trey so smitten with the babyjust so darn snugglyAddie, baby Chad, Trey and PJ with Uncle Foed.

He has a very cute smile.
Having much experience in the adoption process, I knowfirst hand how stressful the process can be. I am very relieved and excited that this one worked out for Foed and Kelly.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday, Carlene and I took Trey and Waylon on a boys trip to St. George. We had a lot of fun and Trey and Waylon were great! A picture of them in their bedroom when they were supposed to be sleeping.
We went to the dinosaur museum. Trey was not a fan but Waylon liked it.

We went to Pirate Island Pizza

the boys loved the sand dunes

Thy fell asleep on the drive from the sand dunes to the water park.

Luckily the cat nap seemed good enough. they loved the water park

We had a great trip. It was really fun getting some one on one time with Trey. Hopefully it will be as fun next year when we throw Peyton in the mix

The 28th was also Landan's 33rd birthday.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another week of stuff

This week we went to the living planet aquarium. Addie and Peyton loved it. Trey hated it. Addie and Peyton couldn't get enough of petting the sting rays. Peyton would have jumped in with them if our eyeballs weren't solidly planted on him.
Addie got her hair straightened. She loves it. She told me yesterday, " Mom, I can't stop going in the bathroom to stare at my hair. It is so pretty!"
Peyton has decided he enjoys wearing dresses, jewelry, pink coats,high heels etc... Landan is quite concerned. Addie with the stingray

Addie's hair

Peyton trying to dive in

This is what Trey's face looked like the whole time

Peyton in his feminine attire. The pouty face is because the boys (trey and two neighbor boys) kicked him off the trampoline. I guess no girls were allowed. Poor kid

Monday, March 15, 2010

and the winner is.................

So Miss Payson is over for another year. This was my 7th year doing the choreography for miss payson. I really like watching the whole pageant process. The girls had such wonderful personalities this year. They were just a bunch of great girlies.
So here we are, Carlene and I waiting anxiously to see who won.... will it be

Addie's favorite contestant?.................. No, unfortunately not..

It was Jaime Stanton. She did a great job and will be a good representative for the Miss Utah pageant. Addie quickly changed her favorite girl to Jaime after the announcing of the royalty.

Unbeknownst to me Addie also invited her friends to a tea party at our house. I last minute winged it. They had a great time and it was pretty cheap entertainment. She just better not try that again. It totally reminded me of the time I did that to my mom for my 6th birthday. A whole bunch of guests arrived at my house for a birthday party. I guess you could say it was a surprise party. But it was my mom who was surprised.

Peyton in his new church attire purchased by Grandma Patty. Peyton is definitely the fashion conscious boy. He insisted on wearing the tie. On the other hand, when Trey saw me get out the church clothes, he grabbed his neck and said " I will not wear a tie!! Don't even think about it!"

Peyton also insisted on wearing my bracelet and Addie's sunglasses to church. Well that is the weekend update. I hope everyone has a great new week with stinky daylight savings.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Our Trip to California was fun! It wasn't as warm as I had hoped. But we all still had a good time. It started Friday morning at 5:30 am when we left for the airport. I threw up in the process of landing. Everyone around me enjoyed the entertainment. The good news is 1 hour and 20 minutes after leaving SLC we were in Los Angeles. We rode in this fancy limo from the Airport to our hotel. We were checked in by 10:30 and had the whole day to spend at Disneyland. Thanks to Kristine being special needs, we didn't have to wait in lines. We never waited longer than 5 minutes for any ride. It was so so nice.
Addie and Kristine couldn't wait to get on the teacups.

We all got pretty wet on splash mountain. My mom was drenched. Poor lady didn't know that the front of the boat is worst place to sit.

This is Addie and I in our Hotel room. We won't stay in this one again. They got our room requests wrong and the service was horrible. They didn't even clean our room the first night and they left my Parents' room door wide open after cleaning it.

Addie was so excited to meet Princess Tiana. She also was able to see Ariel and Cinderella.

Addie had the best form of transportation around Disneyland.

So happy to see Mickey Mouse.

It rained for hours on Saturday.

Sunday we went to three beaches, Huntington, Newport and Laguna.

Landan and Addie had a blast in the water

Addie was trying to get a tan hee hee

I played Baywatch I run really well in slow motion.

Laguna beach was by far the prettiest beach of the three. I would like to go there again.

We dined at ESPN Zone, Cheesecake factory and Bubba gumps. We had a great trip. I missed my boys but now I need to go back because they have been awful since I have been home.