Thursday, December 30, 2010

kids say the darndest things!

My kids keep me laughing! Yep, I think they are cute.  Every parent should think their kids are cute and funny and super smart.  Because if they don't who will?  well.. maybe grandmas... and a few doting Aunties

Everyone loves Addie's new whiteboard.  Trey was writing on it.  I went in to see what he was doing and saw that he had written "Trey loves Utes Utah"  now the reason I was so proud is not what he wrote but that he could write it.  He has been reading and spelling for awhile now.  But he could not even write one letter at the beginning of the preschool year.  Landan, however, is extremely proud of what he chose to write.

Trey also has recently added two new words to his vocabulary "decapitated" as in "My stop sign got decapitated."  and "Fragile"  used in the sentence,  "Be careful PJ, Daddy is fragile."

 Addie was so upset that I was leaving to go out with the girls the other night. She thought she should be included in dinner with the friends.  After all she is 7.  This was what my kids looked like as I was heading out the door.  The boys couldn't wait for me to leave.  Daddy doesn't enforce many rules when he is in charge. Addie was sobbing.

Landan wants a dog. No one else in the family wants a dog.  Addie said " nobody likes dogs, except for people who do."  She is so wise.
 We had a fun movie day with Carlene's kids.  They watched Ramona and Beezus.  It is such a cute show.  I highly recommend it. I had to take this picture it is so rare to see all 5 kid sitting at the same time.
 PJ, the other night was supposed to be in bed sleeping.  However, I heard loud music coming from his room.  I caught him multiple times that night, jamming out with his guitar.  It was kind of hard to be stern.  He looked so dang cute!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas eve christmas day

 Christmas Eve morning my kids were up bright and early.  They were so excited about the day.  It started with a yummy family breakfast, followed by opening their pajamas and presents from each other.
 new jammies by the tree
 Then it was off to the Huff-Montgomery party.  The kids had alot of fun playing with this race car track. Trey and Peyton got to take a track of their very own home with them.
 We played "don't forget the lyrics" with Christmas songs.  I was really good at this game.  Then we rushed home to get in bed so Santa could come to our house.
 Christmas morning was magical.  Trey was delighted to get all three traffic signs he asked Santa to give him.
 PJ was ecstatic about getting his paper Jamz guitar.
 and they got a Thomas the train track to share.  Trey got Rosie the train and PJ got Duncan.
 Addie was thrilled to find two new gymnastics suits.
 But most of all, she was very VERY excited to get her school teacher set up..  This is included desk and chair, barbie laptop, whiteboard, awesome leopard print lamp and all of the desk drawers were filled with teaching supplies such as stickers, notebooks, calendar, planner, scissors, glue sticks, stapler and so on....  She said it was the best Christmas ever.  She even said she was glad she got this instead of the ipod touch she asked for.
Christmas afternoon we went to the DeGraffenried family party.  We opened up the letters we wrote to ourselves 5 years ago.   We had a couple pinatas, talent show and came home with a year supply of food. Which is what we said we wanted.  I made sure to include diet coke and ketchup with my year supply request and I was not disappointed.  My mom and Carlene made cute aprons for all of the grand daughters.

Christmas was so good to us, I think we might do this again in 364 days.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

top things to do on snow days

 Top things to do on snow days: besides clean out closets and fight with the 7 year old who thinks cleaning her room requires moving out.  Because surely I don't love and appreciate her if I ask her to do such strenuous tasks.  (Her words not mine)
 make gingerbread houses
 make sugar cookies
 eat sugar cookies
 go on a ride in the tractor with cousin Maddux and Uncle Bones
 have a snowball fight
 build a snowman
 pose for the camera... and make sure to have at least one child use socks for gloves
 throw snow at the camera person
 sip hot cocoa with candy canes
make jello stars and eat them.  Some might have had a little bit of toe jam in them as well.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Lately, Pj has been waking up so early in the morning, I have been making him watch Disney channel in my room while I stay in bed trying to sleep.  This morning I did fall asleep and woke up with no PJ in sight.  I found him at the computer naked as a jaybird.  Is this what we would call the butt crack of dawn?

 We went to the mall for a winter photo.  Kiddie Kandids is back in business and I got a coupon for a free 11x14 so I said "Let's do it"
 Here is their pic.  They no longer give the pictures the same day.  It won't be done until Dec 20th.
 Carlene and her gang also did pictures.  My mom came along as well to try and get grand kids to cooperate.
This is what the girls did to entertain themselves while waiting.
 Then my kids went to see Santa again.  PJ loves Santa and ran to him, hopped right on his lap and started talking to him
 We saw Judy at the mall and she went on the train with us.
 We also went to the Christmas store.  My kids loved it!  But it is definitely not a store for 6 little terrors.
 For family night we went with my mom and dad to see festival of the lights and the lights and Salem Pond.  Addie loved being able to stick her head out of the moon roof.  She waved to all the people.  She felt like miss America
My boys loved the lights!  They oohed and awed and grunted at all of the neat lights.  It was a fun night.

I am making sure that this year we do as many Christmas activities as possible.  In years past, I feel like it sneaks up on me and we miss out on doing a lot of fun things.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the fun never ends

We are definitely staying busy around our place. 

 We took the kids to see the lights at temple square for the first time.  It was a beautiful night.  Trey asked me what princess lived in the castle.  I had no idea he wouldn't know that was the temple.  However, he did think Provo town center was a temple.
 We have also recently been to the childrens museum.  We got our tickets from living social.  We were able to all go for 20 bucks.  My kids love this place more and more each time we go.
My parents took Landan and I to Texas roadhouse for my birthday. 
We went to the Santaquin light parade.
The kids were making Christmas pictures and  after leaving them unsupervised for a few minutes this is what we saw.  I don't know what everyone is supposed to be except that Addie said Trey is Rudolph.
this was fun scrubbing off in the tub!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

more happenings

Before I forget to mention it again... We had a great Thanksgiving.  We had Thanksgiving with the Huff Clan.  We had a fun time visiting and eating and then going to see "Tangled"

Thanksgiving morning, Carlene and I ran the Earn your Turkey 4 miler in 7 degrees.  It was as terrible as it sounds.

This week I took my kids shopping to buy their friends christmas gifts.   It is fun to see what they think their friends will enjoy.

We had a fun time at the Heelis Christmas party.  My kids won prizes and got to visit with Santa for the second time this season. 

 This is us before heading out to the party

 Peyton wanted to show Santa is Thomas the train shirt.
 Trey wants to make sure Santa knows to bring him Rosie the train and candy.
Santa reminded Addie she was on naughty watch and said she needs to help out at home.  He was really nice about it .. BUT... Addie still burst into tears after getting off of his lap... made me feel bad for a moment.  I am just hoping she will learn something from all of this.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

first visit to santa

We went to the mall to see Santa. Not one kid cried this year.  However, Addie was nervous because Santa sent her a message through PNP (portable north pole) and said she was on naughty watch.  She thought Santa might mention something to her while she was sitting on his lap. She was really relieved he didn't say anything.  But Man she has been helpful the last couple of days.  She has mopped my floors, cleaned the bathrooms, tended the boys.... 
We also went on a train ride.  Trey and PJ were in heaven.  The train went around the entire main floor of the mall.  Good Times!

After the train ride, we bought some cotton candy.  It was a fun day!  I wonder how many more times we will see Santa in the next month.