Friday, June 24, 2011

adventures, adventures and more adventures

 Swim lessons started this week for Trey and Addie.  They are both doing great.  I don't think Trey will pass off his skills but the fact he is willing to get in the water and try as well as voluntarily stick his head in the water makes me very happy.  Addie is swimming quite well and enjoying every minute of it.  The biggest challenge is keeping PJ out of the water.

We are continuing to be plenty busy. Some of it fun stuff, like going with one if the Grandmas  to see "Judy  Moody and the not so bummer summer"    The kids loved it. I didn't really care for it but it was still a good time followed by going out for ice cream.

We have also had fun times playing with cousins in our backyard, having water adventures.

We also went with the Huff Clan to Lagoon.  My kids really enjoyed it.  We made it 6 hours before PJ  had a terrible temper tantrum because he wanted to take his seat belt off by himself instead of getting help from the Lagoon employee.  He did not  get over it.  So we made a quick exit you know the kind where people are trying to decide whether to call 911 because the kicking, thrashing, screaming child appears to be getting kidnapped.

Addie tried the big rides this year. She wanted to be brave like her dad and cousin Gracie.  She suffered through the rides and then joined Trey and PJ at kiddie land.  She admitted that kiddie land is still more her speed.  I didn't witness it but rumor has it, she cried hysterically on a few of the big rides.
 Trey and PJ liked the cars best

We loved the fact that Grandma and Grandpa Huff paid for everyone to get in.  So we let the kids each play one game.  They all chose the guess your weight game and were all winners. I figured they would be when we witnessed the employee guess a 5 foot nothing ultra scrawny pre-teen weighed 150.  Here they are with their prizes.

I have enjoyed all of our adventures, but I am actually looking forward to a day that isn't completely full of events.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

another week

June has been very busy.  Much busier than I anticipated.  We do a summer school every morning.  The kids work on a variety of things.  Addie and Trey are working on math, reading and spelling.  PJ is working on his coloring, learning colors and recognizing letters of the alphabet. Addie is also learning how to tie her shoes, since somehow my almost 3rd grader hasn't learned that skill yet.  I am guessing it is because we never buy her shoes with laces. She informed me that her tap teacher is sick of tying her shoes for her.  So it is now on the summer to do list.  There are also some things that are not individualized but they are learning about all together.  So friday we went on our first summer school field trip to the Grotto.  They were learning about nature and enjoying nature.  Landan even came with us so it was quite the adventure.

getting ready for the big hike

  the kids and Landan looking at the waterfall.
 the beautiful waterfall.  Addie was the only one brave enough to get this close to it.
 and the only one brave enough to leap on the logs crossing the water.  Trey did it by himself but with very slow, cautious steps.  PJ made me hold him. PJ is normally too brave but 30 seconds into the hike he took off like lightning and ended up tripping on a rock and biting his tongue so after the bloody mess was cleaned he was no longer brave.
  We had a lot of fun.  My kids are looking forward to their next field trip.  They say it is much better than doing the other school work. 

Also, this week Addie had a placement class for dance this coming year.  She is now in a class that goes 5.5 hours per week.  The new dance schedule, along with her  2 hours of gymnastics is going to make her one busy girl.  She says she is up for the challenge though.

We also celebrated fathers day, Saturday since Landan works on Sundays. We had one of his fave meals, Lasagna, garlic bread and cheesecake for dessert.  Everyone was very content filling their tummies until Trey tasted his cheesecake and didn't like the texture.  A sure way to get people to stop overeating is to see it all come back up all over everything.  Poor Trey!  After he emptied his tummy he was ready for round two minus the cheesecake.

What my kids said they love about their dad

Addie:  he takes us to get treats
Trey:  he take us to get treats and he has a beefy belly and he is cool and awesome
PJ:  wrestling and candy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

dance and full service salon

Addie had her end of year show for dance.  She did a tap number and ballet number.  She did a great job and it was a good show.

 Addie with cousin Brooklyn who goes to the same studio and also performed that night.

Yesterday, Addie was playing with cousin Hallie and a neighbor girl and they opened a salon.  A full service salon.  One could get her nails done or makeup or hair and also get a massage.  They only got one paying customer.  They can't figure out why more people didn't want to come pay them for their services.

doesn't this look like the place you would like to get pampered?  I am sure you can call and schedule an appointment with them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trey's big 5

The day started with shooting hoops with his favorite brother.

and then a little Caesars pizza lunch and running through the sprinklers
Granparents came over with gifts such as this new blanket with numbers.  Awesome!
and another stop sign to add to the collection FANTASTIC
We sang happy birthday and had ice cream cake.  Delicious!

and then off to a t-ball game. 

Trey's birthday was loads of fun!  He is a wonderful little boy.  We sure love him!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my little queen

 Last night was the Little miss/jr miss Santaquin Pageant.  of course Addie wanted to be in it.  She thinks pageants are about the best thing ever!  We have been doing pageant stuff for about two weeks.  It started last week with the service project of making blankets for those in need.  This past week was full of learning the production number and learning how to walk and answer questions.

So last night, Addie was all sorts of prepared.  She gave it her all.  That is one thing I have learned about this girl, is no matter how she acts before the event, once she is on stage she is going to sparkle and shine.  She loves an audience.

.This picture was what she used for miss photogenic she did not win in this category but I think she is beautiful.

This was their production number outfit.  The little and junior miss uses the same theme as Miss Santaquin.  So it was New York New York.  Addie did an awesome job.  She was all smiles and pointed toes.

I was kind of mad at myself for not being prepared to take her picture when they announced she won.  So it was just pictures out in the hall and outside after the pageant
 Addie with one of her Grandmas and her cousin Chad.  She was so lucky to have three Grandmas and two grandpas as well as several Aunts and cousins come to support her.  It is so nice to have family support.  Her dad and brothers even came this time.

This is her second time running and second time being queen.  I asked her if she was ready to retire from the pageant world, her response was " ya right mom like that is going to happen"  I guess I will just have to accept my role as pageant mom.