Saturday, April 30, 2011

baptism day

 Today was the big day!  Addie got baptized.  She had a lot of people come to support her.  She said she was really nervous.  But now that it is all over she wants to do it again.  Grandma Patty and Grandma Carla gave great talks and Addie's second grade teacher played the piano for us. 
After Addie was dunked, PJ let out a very exuberant "YES"  it made most of us chuckle.  He is quite an enthusiastic little boy.
 Addie looked very pretty in her white dress.
We had family and friends over to the house for banana splits after the baptism.  It was a good time.  We were so happy to have such great support.  I am a very proud mom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

can she really be 8?

My little girl is 8.  It seems like such a big birthday!  I feel old.  8 years ago, I was a 26.5 year old happy, very happy, mom for the first time.  She was such a cute and easy going baby.  I could take her anywhere.  She was my little sidekick and people loved her where ever we went.  We still have a lot of fun together, when we can get away from the boys and do a girls' day.  I am so happy she is my baby girl.

Addie wanted/needed a new bike for her birthday.  I went to purchase one while Addie was at dance.  I immediately saw the bike I wanted.  It said it was on sale for 49.99  Great deal for a 20' bike right?  I was going to get it and I overheard a guy tell his son the bikes were locked in so we couldn't get them down.  I was like "oh shoot"  because I noticed another lady eyeing me.  I knew she wanted this bike and it was the only one.  I stood by the bike hoping a employee would come around.  No such luck.  The woman left for a second.  I knew I had to act fast I ran down the next couple of aisles and  found a guy.  I tell him I want a bike can he help.  He said to just take it all the bike can just be taken from there.  I immediately said " oh crap!" and ran back to bikes, only to find that the woman was hauling off with the bike.  I groaned in a way to let her know I wasn't happy.  She stopped."oh you wanted this bike didn't you" I replied, yes!" she said, "sorry" and kept walking.  She then stopped turned around and said "you can have it. you were here first"  So now instead of angry I feel guilty. I find myself saying " no, you got it first, you take it.  she told me it was the only bike her daughter wanted.  I told her I couldn't pass up the great price.  In the end I took it.  I went up to pay for it and the cashier told me 80.00  I said " nuh uh!  It is on sale for 49.99"  she had someone go check.  The checker came back and said there was no sale.  Someone had just put the bike in the wrong spot.  The cashier then mocked me " like we would have a bike on sale for almost 50% off.  do you want it or not?"  I took it, feeling bad that really Addie would have been just fine with another bike and that poor woman left without her daughter's dream bike. I am still feeling bad.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter weekend

We had a fun and busy weekend.  Addie and two of her favorite cousins were in dance performance "Disney Spectacular"  it was cute.  Addie was in "I just can't to be king" from Lion King.  Hallie and Brooklyn were in Cinderella.  They all did a great job.

We had our Easter Egg Hunt at my parents house.  It was a good time as always. I ended up getting the 2nd and 6th place eggs, which equalled out to be 60.00  I also found 5.75 in quarters. With my two prize eggs I had found I was able to cash them in for two 12 packs of diet coke.  My kids also got a lot of loot.  Grandma really goes out of her way to make Easter fun for everyone.

 Addie posing in an outfit from the Easter Egg hunt and the oobies she got from the Easter Bunny.
PJ's new suit from the bunny.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had our first barbecue of the year.  We invited our neighbors the Francoms over for divine dining of steak, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Good times!

We also had our first of two Easter egg hunts.  The kids were very excited about this hunt

 Landan won the grand prize and gave it to Addie... and then took it back..... and then gave it to her again.

In other exciting news.  Trey decided to make himself a snack while Landan was watching them.  He put a roll in the microwave and set the time for who knows how long.  Landan said he notices something was wrong when his playstation time was being interrupted by smoke and smoke alarms.  The roll was actually on fire inside the microwave.  We are still working on getting the smell out of our house.  What perfect timing for the pre school to take a field trip to the fire station.  When we arrived Trey was quite disappointed because he read the words on the building.  "Mom, this isn't the fire department. This is the department of public safety building."  He then was happy to learn they were the same.  PJ got to tag along with me which was a disaster.  As soon as he saw all of the fire trucks he started screaming, "fire trucks scary"

 He screamed and cried almost the whole time.  Then they let him try on the yellow hat, which seemed to take away his fears.
 from that point forward he just wanted to be part of the class.
so he is happily posing with all of the real pre schoolers in this photo.  All is well that ends well. Right?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Addie wanted a lime blossom green room.  Stewart (bro-in-law) said he would paint it for us.    I thought of posting a before and after, after the room was painted.  So the before picture was the best one I could find.

 Trey helped Stewart paint.  He  had a great time and Stewart was a good sport

 Addie was surprised to see the finished room.
I think it turned out pretty cute.. and it is very springy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

mommy and sons vacation

We had our second annual Mommy and son trip last weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  There were a few major tantrums from PJ but it could have been worse.

The morning before we left PJ and Trey made bacon.  Bacon is Trey's very favorite food

 We stayed in the hurricane house.  Trey and Waylon chose to share a bed.  It was really cute.  PJ kept Waylon awake the first night because he snores so loud.
 We went shopping for summer clothes, went to the see the movie "Hop" and to pirate Island pizza
 Waylon hurt his finger and had to get a band-aid.  The other boys could not be left out
 We went to the sand dunes.  The boys thought it was super fun.  In Waylon's words it was "holy moly macaroni and cheese with hot dogs": fun. Carlene and I thought it was ccccooollllldddd.

 We also went to the water park.  The boys also had a blast there.  Waylon was wearing pants so he was hiking his pants up.  Trey thought he had to do the same.
 Aren't these boys super duper cute?

 all wet!
We also went to Cafe Rio.  Free quesadillas for kids.  That is my kind of establishment.  A good time was had by all.