Saturday, January 31, 2009

Addie's new hair

We tried a different kind of extensions. The curl is really bouncy. Addie loves it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

word of the day

Trey the little sneaky sneakster procured my diet coke. When I caught him and asked him what he had to say for himself he said "mmmmm Goodlicious!" I think this word is a keeper.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tub disaster!

Landan loves to take baths, especially in our jetted tub. Every Sunday morning I always know he will be spending a good amount of time in the tub. Last Sunday, I went in the bedroom after he had bathed and my feet sloshed in the carpet. I wondered how on earth the carpet in our bedroom got so wet. I started grabbing towels and soaking it up. The water just kept coming.
To make a long story short, the plumber came and diagnosed the problem. The motor had a crack in it which caused the water to leak through the walls and into our bedroom. It will hopefully be fixed by this afternoon. But what a mess!!
We had to cut a hole in our wall so the plumber can fix the tub and we very possible need to replace the carpet. This really STINKS!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

new cousin Kynley Mia

This is Kynley Mia Jensen. She was born on January 26th 2009. Her mom and dad are Anthony and Harmony Jensen. She weighs 8 lbs. She is Addie, Trey and Peyton's cousin. They were very excited to meet her.

Kelton is officially a big brother! He is pretty excited about his baby sister.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

baby girl?

Addie has been talking non stop about getting a sister. I would love to adopt one more girl. We just have a major cash shortage.
Peyton has been wanting to wear Addie's head bands and bracelets. So today we decided to put a pink dress on him and see if that would satisfy Addie's need for a sister. This might be the closest she ever gets to having one. Thanks Peyton for taking one for the team. I hope Pey-Pey isn't scarred for life. He makes a sweet little girl

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!!

My children act like every night when daddy gets home is a party! They are so happy and pleasant. They aren't ever as pleasant for me. Well I watched them play tonight. I know why they are so happy with their dad. I am not nearly as FUN!I have learned that boys like to be tossed in the air
turned up side down

wrestle, wrestle and more wrestling

and of course shoot hoops.

And horsey rides.
Addie was a good sport! Really she didn't want to miss out on the photo action
I am glad that Landan takes time to just play with his kids. He is a pretty good guy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

proud of my efforts

So I am not a domestic goddess or anything close to it. In fact, most things that require any kind of skill in the crafty department,I am horrible. However, I decided to make Harmony a baby blanket. My mom helped me and this is how it turned out. I am pretty proud of myself.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A questionable gift for one's parents

I don't know what Carlene and I were thinking when we decided to give my mom and dad pillowcases for Christmas. I guess pillowcases aren't a bad idea but when they say "Save a horse, Ride a cowboy." you might just be crossing the parent/child appropriate line. Especially when the pillowcases have pictures of each other on them. My mom wasn't so fond of the gift. She said she looks like a drunken prostitute. (Sorry mom even if you didn't know it would end up on a pillowcase, you still posed for the picture.)
My dad thinks he looks smokin! My mom agreed. Maybe not such a bad gift after all.

I don't think there will be any more voluntary posing in the future.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sucky 2009

2009 for me means Trey took his temper tantrums to another level. I have spent day after day dealing with One episode after another. Everything sets him off. Like not getting his hot dog the second he asks for it. The worst however, is that he has decided he hates Peyton. If Peyton even makes a sound, he attacks him by throwing him to the ground, sitting on him and pulling his hair and pinching him. If Peyton is not in reach, he throws what ever he sees around him. Thus, I no longer have a centerpiece on my Table. It has been shattered on the tile. If I intervene before he can throw or attack Peyton, I get attacked. I have tried all of the suggestions people have given me. I am sorry to say, so far none of them have worked. I need Super Nanny! just a little evidence of my injuries from Trey!

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE...... Yesterday, I left to pick up Addie from school. After getting in the car, I realized that I had left a little early. I decided to go get a beverage. At the drive through, I had to reach to get my purse so I took my seat belt off. After getting my diet coke, I pulled out of the gas station and proceeded on my way. I noticed flashing lights behind me and quickly moved over so the policeman could get to his emergency only to find out I was the emergency.
The policeman informed me that I didn't use my blinker. After showing my license and registration, he took forever to come back to the car. When he came back he told me that he was going to let me off the hook and only give me a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. Which he said, was being SO NICE, because he should give me one for not signaling as well. What the @#$% There weren't even any other cars around when I didn't use my blinker. Now I must pay 50.00 for a seat belt that had been off for like 30 seconds. AAAAHHHHH and I ended up being late to pick up Addie.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Damn It!!!

I made one prediction for the new year. The prediction was that Alabama would beat Utah! My year is not starting out so great. We still enjoyed the game. Addie playing cheerleader

Trey supporting his team!

Mom saying go Alabama ! I am even wearing my favorite Alabama shirt

Trey cheered so hard he lost his pants.

After the game was over, Addie actually cried real tears.

Landan the only one in the family going to bed happy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bring On The New Year!

I can't wait for the adventures that will come our way in 2009. My wish list for 2009
happy healthy children and husband
no financial crisis
lots of family fun times
family vacation(s)
less temper tantrums from all three of my children but especially Trey

try some more of CC's great recipes.
find a new hobby
be more patient
enjoy life
I hope everyone has a prosperous, eventful, and fantastic year!

Predictions: I predict that Alabama will beat Utah in the Sugar Bowl.(sorry Landan)