Saturday, June 27, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow

I have been feeling sort of gloomy with all of the rain. This rainbow is a simple reminder that we can find something to appreciate in most eveything. It all started like a typical day with Trey and Peyton running to the door to see the train go by. As they were giggling with glee, I suddenly felt grateful that my boys lived near a train track for this simple enjoyment.
The train tracks are just a hop, skip and two minute wagon ride from our front yard. So I decided I would take them down to the railroad tracks and hope we would time it right so they could see the train up close.

On the way down Trey saw a tractor and was so excited. I realized we live in a great area for little boys.

Then I started looking around and just really appreciating my surroundings. I love all of the trees and the beautiful mountains.

And then it happened, we heard the train. As the train rushed passed we were so close our feet vibrated and our hair was tossed about. My kids were so thrilled. Once again, I thought of how glad I was that I live where I do.

So I decided to list my favorite things about my neighborhood and town.

We are glad that just down the street from us is a lovely park to play.

I love the red barn for its ice cream and wagon rides to the pumpkin patch.

My favorite gas station. Though it is not the best looking one. when I arrive they come to the window with my diet coke with lemon. I don't even have to order it and I never take the time to hand them my drink card so they keep track for me and every 10th drink, they bring to the window and say it is free today.

I love the Library for my kids as well as for it's historical building.

I love the museum. Not necessarily for the museum, although it is great. But more for the building. I love old buildings. Plus, this is where I went to kindergarten. My classroom is the group of windows on the left of the main doors.

I love the canyon. It is so beautiful. I love that if I decide to go there to look at the beautiful fall leaves, roast marshmallows or go for a hike, I can hop in the car and be there in a few short minutes.

If we really stop to think about it, we are all surrounded by things that make our day to day lives happier. So I challenge all of my blogger friends to think of what they love most in their neighborhoods or towns and blog about it. If you live in the same town as me and have some of the same favorites, I won't view you as a copy cat. Just someone who knows a good thing when they see it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day to a great dad to three great kids!!
Messages from the children to their dad: Addie loves most about her dad that he plays with her and takes her to the store
and she says he is her best best best in the whole wide world.
Trey loves to play punch in throat with daddy
and Peyton says ogjaaubkalla no don't, stop it, quit it!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those were the good old days!

I had the opportunity to go visit the home I lived in for the first 13 years of my life. Thanks to a friend and current owner of the home who was generous enough to let us invade her privacy to explore and show Addie and the boys my old stomping grounds. The porch pictured above is where I spent a good deal of time petting my kittens pebbles and vanilla.
The cherry tree was my home. My childhood best friend and I spent countless hours in that tree. We called it our apartment. It is one of the oldest existing trees in Santaquin. It was so fun to be able to climb this tree again. I wish I could have stayed longer.

The inside of the home, although in many ways is very different than I remember.( it looks so much better than when we lived there.) There is no longer 70"s shag carpet and mustard yellow vinyl flooring. But some things remain the same like the popcorn ceilings. which by the way is fabulous to a six year old. and this fireplace where multiple DeGraffenried children experienced trauma that sent them to the emergency room for stitches.

why the fence? This is where I would ride my bike down the sloping backyard and one day got my lip caught on the fence while zooming down on the bike. Stitches were required and I lost a few more baby teeth that day.

The long road. Bones and I would race from the backyard to the front yard on this path. We thought it was soooo long.

The backyard where the brost's and degraffenried's played numerous baseball games.

This is the shed behind our house. I used to climb on the roof and read books under the tree (left side of the picture)When my mom would catch me I was in trouble but I would climb up the next chance I had and do it again.
We also had a Pasture and a chicken coop. During my years there, we had horses, cows, a dog who thought he was a cow, and chickens.

Peyton in the shade tent, a bunch of trees clustered together that was another hideout and hangout place for Bones and I, and later on Tommy and Carlene used it but called it the hut. I personally think the shade tent is a much cooler name.

another pic of the shade tent.
I loved this part of my childhood. Our yard was awesome we could explore and pretend all day and never get bored. During the summer we would have boat races in the ditch, climb trees, sell stuff from our food storage to our neighbors( mom and dad weren't too happy when they found out about that one)play in the jungle and on and on.
I wish my kids could have the same kind of childhood.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Miss

Addie was in the Little Miss Pageant last night. She had a great time and was ecstatic when she was crowned queen. The only thing she was bummed about is this means she can't be in it next year.
The question she was asked was what do you want to be when you grow up? "I want to be a doctor because I want to help people get their babies out. Thank you." She also put her hero as President Obama because he is smart and looks like her and because she still insists that he is her uncle. and said if she could go anywhere in the world it would be to Alabama to get a baby sister.

This is Addie with Karen Rowley the queen of the younger division. Maybe the judges liked red huh?

Grandpa Jim with Addie

Grandma Patty and Grandma Carla with the queen. She also was lucky enough to have Aunt Carlene and Aunt Harmony attend as well as her great-great Aunt June.

What I liked about the pageant was the service project. All of the contestants and their mothers or Grandmothers made blankets to give to trauma victims. I am glad there was more to it than just fluff.

The finished product.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ice Cream Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Every Saturday my parents go to the Red Barn to get ice cream. About once a month I will take my kids. Sometimes quite a few cousins go and have a good time eating ice cream together.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

just dancing in the rain a lah dee dah dee dah..............

When they do a remake of singing in the rain Addie and Trey will be cast in the roles played by Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds... After all they always have to do the black version like in Cinderella with Brandy.

see Trey is practicing his tapping right here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It is Trey's birthday shout hurray!!

A little birthday tribute to my handsome boy Trey. This one of my all time favorite pictures of Trey. Denise caught the Trey face perfectly.
The very first picture I saw of baby Trey he was in the NICU for 4 weeks. He was born prematurely weighing just a little over three pounds when he was born and a tiny 15 inches long.

The first time I entered him a baby contest at 2 months old. This is the happiest we got him.

at two months old he was so tiny he could fit inside Grandpa Jim's boot

at 6 months old. I love his smile and his big eyes

Trey loves basketball. This is Trey at 1 year

another 1 year photo

Trey loves the dirt. He is very BOY

one of my favorite pics of Trey for anyone who is around Trey much you know that this is a very typical TREY look and I love it

a happier trey age 2

I love this one too

and this one.......

I can't believe Trey is already three. It doesn't seem like three years since we went to Alabama to get him. We had 8 failed placements before we got Trey. Definitely one of the hardest times in my life. But I can't imagine having anyone other than Trey so I don't regret anything I went through to get him. He was so worth the wait. We love Trey very much. He is such a joy to have in our home. He loves trucks and trains and balls (especially basketballs) letters and numbers, dirt and beating up Peyton(i hope he grow out of this one).
Happy birthday!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trey's birthday adventures

Trey's birthday is actually June 7th but we have been celebrating it since the 5th. Turning three has been great. This is the first year Trey has really understood anything about birthdays. For the past month he has been telling me he wanted pupcakes(as he calls them) and balloons. Pretty easy to please right?
Today he went on a ride in Landan's big rig. For any of you with little boys out there, this is a big treat. I am sure Landan would be willing to take your boys on a ride if given the proper notice. After Trey returned from trucking with dad, Trey and I went to Wendy's for lunch. GIFTS: Trey was spoiled rotten by his friends, grandparents and parents. Take a look at some of the goods.
Judy Skinner or Aunt Junie (as Trey calls her) gave an awesome garbage truck

Grandma and Grandpa D gave Trey this lawn mower and tool set

Aunt Carlene and Hallie and Waylon gave him bath time letters and numbers. It may not sound that exciting but if you know Trey this was an awesome present. He LOVES numbers and letters. The bubbles you see in the tub was from Tommy and Meghan's family

We gave Trey the Sand box but Grandma Patty purchased the sand and Harmony and Kelton gave him sand toys. Isn't that cool looking sand?

Grandma and Grandpa D also gave Trey this Thomas the train tent. There are more fun things that he got but I can't list them all.

The Birthday party!!!!
If you ever want to make yourself nuts, have a party with a bunch of kids between the ages of 2 and 4. Actually the kids had a great time and Trey had a blast! I tried to have activities of all of Trey's favorite things. the ball pit

basketball and ball area


another ball pit shot

the pool!

All the kids singing to Trey. This was a great day! Thanks to everyone who brought their kids to help Trey celebrate