Saturday, November 26, 2011

yep I turned 35 and stuff

 So here I am being all old and everything.  One day I will look back and say "remember when I thought 35 was old" I think I will post a picture every year so I could look back at the year before and say "what happened? I used to be much skinnier and have less wrinkles" unless I get botox and liposuction and then I will think there was a lot of improvement in my older years.  any way, it was a good birthday.  I was treated to diet cokes and other yummies.  I bought myself a new vacuum.  The best part of my birthday was finally getting my tax refund!  Wahoo!!

Thanksgiving was good!  We were thankful and ate a lot.  Friday we went to see "Arthur"  it was cute.  Saturday We went to see the town light parade.  It was cold and short. 

Now on to the crazy month of December..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Addie's gymnastics in house meet

Addie's team competed against each other so they could get an idea of what it is like to compete.  They didn't score them or anything but they went from apparatus to apparatus and did everything as if it was the real deal.   Addie did really well!  Of course my camera always decided to take the picture too late so I don't really have any great pics.

She was nervous all day.  After school she grabbed her beam and pulled it upstairs to the kitchen and googled level 4 beam routine and practiced over and over until she felt confident with it.  She is definitely self driven.

It will be fun to watch her compete.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

winter is here

Halloween 2011

 Halloween time was fun and busy.  Here is a break down of the festivities.  3 class parties, 2 preschool trunk or treats, party at Grandma Patty's, trunk or treat at Grandma Carla's and trick or treating in the neighborhood.  I can't speak for my kids but I was tired.

My kids of course looked adorable.  Addie for the second year in a row was Princess Tiana.  Trey was a Santaquin main street construction worker and PJ was woody from toy story.

 At Grandma Patty's party Addie and Gracie volunteered to do the dishes.  Who is going to say no to that?
 Nephew Chad went as Michael Jackson.

 all the little ones at Grandma Carla's trunk or treat

 Trey is really into politics. Trey is standing over me right now as I write.  He requested that I tell you to "VOTE YES to prop 1&2 and vote for Carr, Payne and Wollebaek"  He also said don't forget to tell them "don't waste our investment"  He also wants you to know the he is running for City Council when he is 34 and his signs will say " Vote for Trey DeGraffenried Huff.  He is a good investment and a nice guy"

Addie and Trey both did well in the Reflections contest.  Trey placed 1st in dance choreography in the primary division and Addie placed first in dance choreography in the intermediate division.  they were both thrilled to get their trophies.  Trey said the best part was the trophy was a rectangular prism.

 Carlene finally had her baby.  Little Raquel was born on the 4th of November.  She is a cutie.  PJ wants to keep her.