Monday, August 31, 2009

family staycay number 2

Landan came home Wednesday night and said we were going on our family staycation that weekend. He told me to book a hotel ASAP. I got online found a good hotel with a nice price and was about ready to book when Landan decided he didn't want to stay in a hotel. he would rather travel back and forth. Addie was the one he had to convince and after much bribery, he won.
Friday night, we went to the carnival in santaquin. Trey took a long time to warm up but finally decided the ferris wheel was acceptable to ride on. But only with Grandma Carla. As you can see by his face,he was scared. However, after he survived that, he loved the carnival and cried when it as time to leave.
Saturday we went to the zoo. The kids had a great time

Trey insisted that the rhinos were elephants and we couldn't convince him otherwise.

We loved the bears. they were actually out and active

The children's museum was great fun! I wish it wasn't so pricey because my kids loved it.

We only experienced two major tantrums. One excellent tantrum from each boy. Peyton's tantrum was so wild that he had my shirt at one point up to my shoulders and I couldn't get it back down. Cheap entertainment for the children's museum employees. All in all, it was good times. Maybe next year we can venture out of Utah.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

finally feeling good about changes

After much thought, I decided to go with a new dance studio. Addie started last week in the studio's mini company. The next day she was moved up a level, which means she will be going two days a week instead of one. She loves it though and I feel good about the change. I think she will do well in this new class.
I also decided to keep her in gymnastics. I know there will come a day when she has to choose between the two but for now she is making great progress in both and loves it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

first grade fashion show

I can't believe I have a first grader. Today has been kind of weird. I will just have moments when I feel kind of sad or a little anxiety that she is not around. I hope she has a good day and survives the big jump from 2.5 hours to 6
This is the winning first day outfit from her selection of new clothes. Sad to say my fave didn't make the cut. Wasn't even picture worthy in Addie's mindHannah Montana is the runner up
followed by this fun little number

and then this lovely outfit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yours?mine? ours? what makes something yours?

precious gifts no matter which way they came to us

OK, so lately I have experienced a lot of comments from people who I am sure meant well but their comments rubbed me the wrong way.

"too bad these children aren't yours. They are sure cute" my thought: they aren't mine? then why the hell do I have them 24/7?

"I think you would find that even if these children were yours they would be different from one another" my thought: please use biologically yours

" Oh that is so sad you had to adopt to get children" my thought: Why are you sad about it? I'm not. Only frustrated that it is so expensive

" I feel so bad for you that you will never experience the joy of pregnancy" my thought: what being sick for at least 8 weeks very possibly longer, stretching in all sorts of strange places, not being able to sleep at night, needing to buy a new wardrobe. I think I will survive not experiencing that. I know there are some cool parts about being preggers too. But we all have different experiences in life and I am OK with that.

The list goes on but I will stop there and just say I know most people mean well. But I believe that once the birth parents signed those papers, my children became mine. And just one other thought to finish this semi bitter post. Whether we gave birth to our children or adopted them, they are all god's children, whom we have been given the privilege to raise.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Need I say anything??

Addie came in the house saying "Mom come quick I have something really cool to show you" I went outside expecting see a bike trick or something along those lines. But no this is what I got.. Addie practicing to be Miss America

Thursday, August 6, 2009

survival of the nerdiest

I just did this on facebook and I am having fun with it. So I must blog about it too. I had all of my kids pose with these glasses Peyton stole from grandma's house. Now your job is to tell me which one makes the best nerd...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

just some random pics and sayings from my children

Little tidbits about my kids that I want to remember but others may not care about. My three kids watching the train from our front door
My six year old. I am amazed at the thing she knows and shocked by the things she doesn't know. Trying to explain ethnicity to Addie is very difficult. She can't figure out why she is brown but not a Mexican. she then decided it must be because Mexicans talk funny.AKA speaking espanol. One day she asked me if a friend of hers was black like she is, I told her no She is Mexican. Her reply was " No she is not, Mom! she talks like me" She is still working on getting this one sorted out.

Trey is still a confusion to me. He is still not potty trained, But can identify numbers like 100 and 550 and so on.. He knows all of the letters and sounds, his shapes and colors. His communication skills are getting better every day. He recently told me when I was singing to "stop it! Your singing is benoying" he still has major temper tantrums although they are getting less frequent. As his mother, I have found him to be the most frustrating child and the funniest. Peyton loves attention! He, like his older sister, loves the camera. He also likes to annoy Trey. He knows all of the right buttons to push.

Peyton is into dressing up. He loves putting on anything he can find around the house. Yesterday he decided to dress in Addie's mermaid costume. I thought it was too funny with his big belly hanging out.

Peyton doesn't say many words yet but he lets us know what he wants or how he feels. He knows he is the baby and thinks my lap belongs to him. If anyone else sits on my lap he gets crazy with rage.

Boys are so silly. Trey and Maddux had a burp off at the dinner table. It started with Trey actually burping and Maddux thinking it was hilarious. They spent the next ten minutes seeing who could do the best fake burp, which of course was followed by a lot of giggling. I love boys!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Orchard days events

We had a fun, busy weekend. Addie was in the rodeo Friday and Saturday and the parade on Saturday as well. She loves this pageant stuff. Trey and Peyt thinking they are ready for the rodeo. Also wearing their celebration shirts,which they wear to every parade so I can justify buying 4th of July shirts.
for the first time I think Trey really enjoyed the parade

Peyton, However, slept through the whole parade after he cried himself to sleep from all of the terrifying fire trucks and police cars.

not a happy parade goer

Addie doing her pageant wave. She took this very seriously

before the rodeo with some friends

with Grandpa and Grandma Huff

at the rodeo!