Sunday, September 23, 2012


 Landan took  a week off work to rebuild the engine in his car.  It only took him two days.  The rest of the week he just played a lot of play station but he also did play with the kids quite a bit.  Football in the park was one of the favorites.

 PJ loves football

 Another favorite activity was playing hoops.  Hurray!  Landan finally put it up.  I also cannot get enough of our view.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

Landan also thinks he needs to take the kids to get drinks.  He buys them 320z drinks because they are cheaper than the child size cups but only lets them fill about a third of it.  They think dad is awfully cool because I won't buy them drinks.

 I decorated the porch for Fall.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It looks really cute

 The kids and I have been hiking a lot on the trails above our house.    It is soooo beautiful right now.

The view from the end of one of the trails.  We can see our house from here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am so far behind on blogging so I will try to sum it up in no particular order:
so far this summer..... we have moved to a new city, Addie has been in a dance performance, was a little miss for the miss Utah pageant, All three kids took swimming lessons, the boys were in a dance camp, the boys also played t ball on an all cousin team( 5 first cousins, four second cousins and one third cousin) I was the judges chair for a little miss pageant in which I selected some of my favorite people to judge and audit the pageant. Addie quit gymnastics but is still taking dance 7 hours a week. Addie did a cheer camp at Maple Mountain High School. We hiked to Escalante Cross, have been to Two parades, several family barbecues, celebrated our 14th wedding Anniversary, Trey turned 6. I choreographed opening number for the Miss Santaquin pageant. Many sibling fights too many to count, A couple huge fights with Addie, including a Ramona Quimby moment where Addie ran away from home with her packed suitcase. She stood outside the neighbors house for about an hour and then made her way back home. Needless to say, Summer has been busy!! I am about ready for school to start.

 My two adorable boys playing tee ball
Addie's Aunt Meghan helped her make her bucket for Miss Utah.

 Addie with her BFF at the mall.  Acting way too old for their age.

 I love the view from my bedroom window. I stare out it all the time

The family on our hike to Escalante Cross

Addie at the Miss Utah Pageant

Trey on his 6th birthday.  He LOVES doughnuts!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

our new home

This is our new home in Spanish Fork.

 The front of the house
 entry way. on the main level there is a living room, home teacher room/office, family room, kitchen, mudroom and half bath.
 living room
 another view of the kitchen
 stairs to the upper level which has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
 master closet
 a bathroom
downstairs family room. Downstairs also has another bedrom, bathroom and kitchen area.  We will be in this house in a couple of weeks.  The kids are a little uncertain that they want to move.  I hope it will be great.  It is scary to start in a whole new school.  I hope they will adjust nicely.

playing catch up

so much to catch up on.  So starting with PJ.  PJ went on a field trip to see and learn about pigs. 

Pj graduated from his first year of preschool..  He is such a cool kid.  This is how sat most of the time.
PJ with his cousins in the same class.

Trey Graduated from kindergarten.  He felt pretty darn special.
We had to celebrate at Carls Jr.  afterwards.
Addie turned the big 9.  We didn't do much to celebrate her birthday, since we were leaving for Disneyland a few days after her big day.
Addie got to participate in the Miss Payson pageant this year.  She is Miss Payson's (Heather Bolz) little miss, so she gets to go to Miss Utah with her.  She is very excited.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Our Trip to California began on Tuesaday, May 1st.  We had many different ways of traveling to our final location.  First we took our van to the airport from there we took a bus to the entrance.  After a nearly two hour wait at the airport we boarded our plane and flew to long beach California.

PJ and trey were very excited to get wings!  This was there first flight that they can remember.  The last time they were on a plane PJ was 15 days old  and Trey was 17 months old.
Upon arrival, we had our limo driver Harold waiting for us.  He drove us to our Hotel in Anaheim.  After checking in we took a Disneyland bus to.......
  DISNEYLAND!!!!  the happiest place on earth.. Right?  I wanted my kids to experience all sorts of new things on vacation.  They enjoyed each form of transportation.
Many adventures were had while on vacation.  Trey and PJ loved meeting Buzz lightyear.
The children and Landan enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the Hotel
Addie and PJ loved being a part of the Phineas and Ferb dance party!!

 Trey enjoyed taking a few naps.  I enjoyed his naps too!

 I discovered I have very veiny feet

 Each child enjoyed a few pity parties.  This is one of PJ's moments.

 We had a great day at Laguna Beach.  It was absolutely beautiful

 Grandma comforted Addie after she skinned her knees on the rocks.
 We went to Hollywood and enjoyed lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

 We had fun seeing the many characters in the area.

 My kids had quite the educational day.  There were many homeless people, people trying to sell things.  Drunk and or high individuals yelling out, not making a whole lot of sense but scaring my kids.  Many scantily clad women and a man just wearing his unders. However we still enjoyed the sights and seeing the stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.

We enjoyed the parades at Disneyland and visiting the candy shops.  We had ice cream to celebrate Addie's birthday.  I had chocolate peanut butter perfection.  YUM!
The boys were way excited to meet mickey mouse.

We had fun seeing shows like the bugs life and muppets both in 3D.  Addie still loved the tea cups most.  The boys three favorites were Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.  My favorite is  probably soaring over California and Landan's was California Screamin
  It was finally time to go home.  We were all very tired.
We had the awesome experience of being on the plane for the "cool moon"  We all had a great time.  Landan is already planning our next visit.  I am thinking we should try something different like San Diego or a cruise.