Friday, December 16, 2011

a whole bunch of craziness

Addie was in the nutcracker again this year.  She was a medium mouse.  Hopefully when she is in it again two years from now, she will get to be something different.

 After the Nutcracker, Addie and I rushed to the Heelis Party to see Santa.  She made it in the nick of time.

 We made our annual sugar cookies.  It is nice to know I can still decorate cookies better than 3 people in this world.

 We had our family pictures taken.  The DeGraffenried Family Photo. Pretty cool, I think.

Landan and I have our first updated picture together since 2002

 So I had a crazy experience with the Santaquin Church fire. I drove passed the morning we heard about the fire.  I happened to see that my dad was there.  So I decided to see if I could go in.  I walked in, no one said a word.  So I walked down the hall and up the stairs to where my dad and Bones were talking to the investigator, church architect and firemen.  The church architect handed me a flashlight and told me to look around.  I was horrified with what I saw.  I got out my camera and started taking pictures.  When I got home I wanted to show my local facebook friends that there was a lot of damage done to the church.  I had no idea my pics would spread so far and so fast.  I was contacted by the Santaquin paper who asked if they could use them on their website. After checking to make sure that was ok I gave my permission.  What I am extremely shocked about, however, was to see my pics on FOX 13 news.  I never gave permission to anyone.  They were just there with my name above the photos.  I was kind of freaked out that my pictures had traveled that far. So I found out the reason my pictures were so high in demand is because the media was not allowed in where I had been taking pictures.  Who knew my pictures would actually be the only ones out there?  I sure didn't.

It was horrifying to see.
Below is the link to the actual news broadcast that my photos were on.,0,571227.story