Friday, April 30, 2010

Way to go, Landan!!

So Landan was named FedEx employee of the month for the month of April. Since he didn't even start working at FedEx until the second week in April, that is way impressive. here he is taking his victory nap with his two favorite boys
the letter that states " Fellow employees describe him by saying he hit the ground running as soon as he started working his first day. He helps drivers with issues on their equipment and is willing to do any project asked of him every day."
Congratulations Landan!! We are all so proud of your hard work

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She is 7!!

Well, she did it. She went right ahead and turned 7 on me. .. And she was happy to do it. Addie had a great day!
I gave in and bought her the glazed donuts she wanted me to bring to her class. She and Miss Dooley did a great job passing them out.

The class then had to wait for Addie to take the first bite before they could eat their donuts. Addie thought she was pretty important.

She got this new pool for summer time fun. Her cousins Hallie and waylon surprised her when she got home from school and they had a fun little swimming adventure.

The Grandparent party was at the bowling alley. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and drinks while we bowled and then sang to Addie and ate birthday cake.

Aunt Carlene gave Addie this doll. She can color her hair, plus many more styles to try out. She was so excited to get this present.
She had a great day. We love our 7 -year- old. She is a wonderfully fantastic girl.

Monday, April 19, 2010

and that's a wrap

So another week has gone by.. Landan made it through his first week at the new job. I think he likes it.

We have been enjoying the nice Spring weather. I hope it doesn't snow again.

Addie danced in Hansel and Gretel. She was a grasshopper. She makes a mighty cute grasshopper.
hopping through the grass like a good grasshopper should

she got to be in the same performance as cousin Hallie. That was really fun for the girls

Landan took Peyton to the Utes red and white game. I hope they had some good bonding moments. What better way to bond than going to football game, right?

Trey got an early birthday present. I couldn't resist when I saw that it was on clearance and therefore much cheaper than normal. Trey, Addie, Peyton and about 30 neighborhood children have all been enjoying it.

I won the Red Barn fan Photo contest. The big prize is a jar of jam.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy WOW! I'm a big boy now

Definitely in the top 5 for most difficult tasks I have experienced as a mom would be potty training Trey. He was very anti-potty. After an excruciating week I think he finally has it. I am soooo proud. After many attempts to bribe him with no success, I finally said "Trey, I will do anything! Just say what you want." He said "can I go to Carl's Jr?" That was the key. With Carl's Jr in mind, he started going to the potty.
We celebrated today at Carls Jr. He and Waylon had such a great time that Waylon is considering getting potty trained too, so they can go again.

I guess you never know what is going to motivate a kid. I would have never guessed Carls Jr.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

lots of happenings

Good news first. Landan has a job!!!! He will be starting on Monday as a diesel mechanic for FedEx. We are pretty happy about this job. Same pay as Huff Trucking but better benefits for less money out of our pockets. Only bad part is he will be driving to Salt Lake every day. So lots more money in gas.
Bad News. Our computer crashed. We took it to a guy to fix and found out it would be cheaper to just buy a new one. Fortunately, he is retrieving all of our stuff. So I am happy about that. We bought a new one yesterday. I felt so lost without my computer.
Easter was a hit. The Easter bunny found our house. The kids were happy with their surprises. We had a great Easter Egg Hunt and my parents' house. I walked away with some cash and lots of prizes. coloring eggs. yes, PJ is wearing Addie's shirt. He fell in love with it and wouldn't take it off.
some of the kids at Grandma's Easter egg hunt

my prizes from the Easter egg hunt. Plus 15.00 cash. The kids got a ton of prizes from Grandma too, but I didn't take a picture. Let's just say Grandpa Jim wasn't so thrilled with how much grandma spent on Easter.

I caught my sneaky little boys watching TV and sipping my precious diet coke. I should be angry because they certainly do not need caffeine in their already overactive bodies. Plus, my diet coke is very special to me and that makes two cans gone. But I found it kind of cute.