Friday, March 30, 2012

live life to the fullest

So in the last few months I have really decided I want to see the world.  This ideas isn't totally new to me.  It has always been a desire of mine but always more of in the future.   Well the future is here, dangit! and I am going to make it happen.  I call it my mid life crisis. 35 years old could very well be mid life right?  I have heard from my parents and Landan's dad multiple times that they regret not vacationing more when their kids were young.  Obviously the majority of us have a limited budget, which can make it harder to feel justified in spending money on vacations.  But I have decided that if I can pay all my bills and put a little money away each month for vacations then that is exactly what I am going to do.  We never know what obstacles will be in our future but I am pretty sure I won't ever regret seeing the world.  So with that being said, I am announcing that I have booked my first time ever cruise to the Bahamas!!  We will also be spending a couple days in Florida (where I have also never been)  This great event is not happening until January.  Which gives me plenty of time to get prepared.

Monday, March 26, 2012

fun trip with the boys

 Carlene and I had our annual mom and boys trip to St George.  We left on friday.  Here are the 3 boys all loaded to go with their treat buckets.

 We shopped for summer clothes. The boys did not love this part. We tried to go to Pirate Island but apparently it closed down.  This was very upsetting news to the boys.  Finally, the offer of root beer floats at Red Robin turned their frowny faces upside down.
 We went to the sand dunes.  Little baby Raquel came with us on the trip since her mother is still her source of food.  Addie was not happy about Raquel getting to come, being that she is a girl and Addie didn't get to come too. 

 the boys were full of tricks at the sand dunes.

After they were nice and dirty we took them to shower at the water park.
 They had great fun there until Trey and PJ had the unfortunate incident of butting heads.

 PJ and his massive head were fine.  Trey ended up with a bloody nose and swollen eye.

 My boys had a great time together.  I think they fought way less than normal.

Trey said his favorite part of the whole trip was eating at Denny's. Sometimes little boys are so easily pleased.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I wasn't loving February

 February was full of ailments and doctor visits.  It started out with PJ's arm majorly breaking out.  It looked terrible.  This picture doesn't even show the oozing puss pockets.  I took him to the doc got him on some antibiotics and steroids as well as some good ointment.
 about a week later his arm looked like this.   so much better than before.  Then we started in the drama of Addie being sick. It started with a UTI that went into her kidneys.  She was very sick for a week. After two doctor visits we thought was on the mend.  She had two good days and then started vomiting.  She didn't quit for 5 days.  We had two more doctor visits that week.  They weren't very helpful just a lot of it could be this or it could be that.  As a mother I was very frustrated.  Finally she started feeling better.   We got a call on Monday from the doc saying that they found bacteria in her urine.  So they put her on a different antibiotic.  So far so good!  She has continued to improve and has returned to school and was even able to be in her dance performance last night at the Covey Center.

 She was in two numbers and did a good job.

Cousin Hallie was in this program too.m It is fun to have nieces to watch as well.

PJ makes way too cute of a girl.  He and Addie have been having wars of who makes the best queen. 

I don't know who does in these pics but for now I will have to award it to Addie since she just found out she was selected to be Miss Payson's  little miss and will therefore get to go to the Miss Utah Pageant, where she will get an outfit, a white dress and a crown for being in it.  It is waaay exciting for Addie.  in her words " better than Christmas, birthdays and Disneyland"

So I do have another child that I should mention.  The poor forgotten middle child,  Trey, is doing well.    He is on his very first school field trip!  They are going to the Bean museum and Scera theatre.