Monday, May 31, 2010

Thomas The Train

Trey's birthday week has begun. I took him to see Thomas The Train. It was one of those times I felt it was worth every dime. Trey just had so much fun that it was fun for me and definitely a happy mom moment. This what Trey's face looked like pretty much the entire time we were on the train.
He was so happy

This was the only down moment of our day. He was very upset that he had to wait his turn to get a picture by Thomas that he forgot to shake off the frowny face when it was actually his turn. What a silly boy.

Although he loves Thomas, James is actually his favorite train. Probably because he is red and Trey loves red.

Trey was a little hesitant to leave after such a great day. We might have to do this again.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


A lot of events in the last couple of days. We are right in the middle of the Special Olympics state meet. My kids love this one. They get all of the free food they want and foods like pizza, sno cones, cotton candy,popcorn.... Addie, Trey and Peyton loved the dunking tank.

Addie had people fix her hair and do her nails.

We watched our athletes run

Peyton and Trey decided they had enough. I am sure they were sick from all of the sugar besides being ready to go home

Trey started kickball. There wasn't much action from him. But he looked cute out there.

Addie giving Trey a high five.

Addie had her first grade program and picnic. The program was about 10 minutes long. Hooray!!

After the program with cousin mackley. Now they are second graders.

Carlene and I took my mom to dinner for mothers day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

for the love of stop signs! and what the shrek

Mondays are now Landan's day off. So today we went to see an afternoon showing of Shrek 4. It was okay. Trey loved it until about ten minutes to go and then he was ready to leave. We don't often get popcorn and such at the movie theatre but this was all gift card purchased. Trey needed to use the little boys' room and fell in the toilet. His shirt was quite wet at the bottom. Poor kid! Why does that happen to the kid who already had the fear of public toilets?
Peyton is going through a phase where he either is wearing no clothes or Addie's clothes. Landan is really concerned about him. Doesn't he look great in Addie's swim suit?

Addie participated in a Cartwheel A Thon to raise money for cancer. She had 5 minutes to do as many cartwheels as she could. she did 130 in that 5 minutes.

Trey is obsessed with stop signs. The other day he asked me to get my camera and take pictures of him with stop sign. On Saturday, I went down stairs and found him sitting on the couch with an arm wrapped around his piggy bank stop sign. I asked him what he was doing and he replied" Me and stop sign is just watching Disney channel." He has also decided when he grows up he is going to be a crossing guard. Then he can hold stop signs all day. How exciting!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

graduation and celebrations

Graduation present from Trey's preschool teacher.
Trey had his preschool program today. Since he is just three and has another year of preschool he didn't graduate but got a certificate. He was a little scared up in front of everyone. But he did better than I thought he might.

The reason you see Pj's head in this photo is because the stinker climbed up there and sat down while they were singing. I looked around and saw all of the proud parents with their cameras recording and decided it would be better for me to wait until the song was over before grabbing him since I didn't want to block everyone's view. Plus, I knew Peyton would start screaming when I picked him up. Sure enough when the song was over I grabbed him and he started kicking and screaming and his shoes flew off his feet. thankfully after the program someone found me and returned the shoe that I couldn't find. Why am I always the one with the naughty child?

Trey with his certificate

Trey and cousin Hallie after graduation. I wanted to get picture of all four of the cousins in preschool but it was hard to get everyone gathered. Especially since PJ was a pain in the butt!!

Don't love the picture of me but Trey looks adorable.

Addie had an end of first grade swim party yesterday. It was kind of a last minute decision but it was fun. The kids had a great time.

All of the kids love Trey's tractor. I think it was a good purchase.

I tried to get Trey singing "all that Jazz" although He sings it, he was still very aware of the camera and did not belt it out like he usually does.

Friday, May 14, 2010

the mountain dew track

I was dreading the Special Olympics area Track meet. Why? because I was going to have all three of kids there for the day and I was the only coach going. I was extremely worried about Trey and Peyton making this day impossible for me to coach. Trey has not been too fond of the track season. Mostly because we have been practicing in the underground track, which Trey thinks is spooky. Yesterday when I mentioned to Trey that we would be going to the Mountain View Track, I was surprised when he said "Hooray" Later that night I figured out why he was excited when he said to Landan " Daddy, we get to go to the Mountain Dew Track Tomorrow." I thought we were going to have a meltdown when he realized what the Mountain Dew track really was. But to my surprise it was a great day for Trey. Look below for the answer The track was full of numbers..........
and Letters. Trey stated that B is for bones and boy and bowling he continued on with

U is for undies I is for It and ice cream. N is for Nick Jonas. S is for Special agent Oso.

Addie was in heaven too. She met a boy who loves gymnastics. They spent hours saying "but can you do this?"

or this?

or this?

and last but not least PJ was happy because I allowed him to load up on sugar.

I guess going to Special Olympics track meet wasn't so bad after all. And just in case you were wondering the special olympians did great.

Monday, May 10, 2010

the mother of all mothers day posts

Mothers day has really made me think this year. I have friends who are celebrating being a mother for the first time. I have other friends who have many children hoping that mothers day will have a moment of peace in it. I have friends who desire to be mothers that still aren't.

Isn't mothers day an interesting day?.. Normally I am hoping landan will surprise me with an evening out or at least let me sleep in or something. I think I have finally come to terms with that just isn't going to be the case in my life. So this year I just really thought about what a blessing each of my children are to me.

I remembered the day we got Addie and the adoption agency worker handed me a card. I opened it up and read " Happy mothers Day." In all of the excitement of getting a baby I hadn't even put that together that we were getting our first baby on Mothers' day.

Addie was such a joy. She was the best little baby. Life was really good then. I have come to appreciate the simplicity of life with one child. She was and is really spoiled by people. She is very friendly and outgoing. She does really well in dance and gymnastics. We love her.

This is after we got Addie and were still in Alabama staying in my brother in laws house. He had just moved back to Utah so there was no furniture, phone or other items. Our cell phones didn't get service in Alabama (strange right?) I was completely thrown into motherhood and had no one to call. I was very tired and stressed, partly due to the fact that Addie had to be on special meds when we first got her because of an HIV scare that turned out to be nothing. I was so grateful when we were able to come home.

Since then we have added two more reasons for me to celebrate mothers day. Peyton keeps me on my toes. He full of life. Some might say too full of it. He has the cutest smile and growls at everything. He speaks his own language and loves to dress up in girly things.

Trey is..... Trey! He is unique and I love all the strange things about him. I love that he wants a number cake for his birthday. I love that he loves to read and point out octagons, and get angry when we pass a stop sign that is dirty. His prayers have turned into wish lists of getting pancakes for breakfast and nuggets for lunch.
So this mothers day, I am just thankful for three amazing children. Even if often they are amazingly naughty.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

torch run and other stuff

We ran the torch run today. We started at the Red Barn in Santaquin. Addie ran beside me for quite awhile. She did a really good job. We stopped at the City Center to see the mayor. (also known as dad or grandpa Jim)

Addie got to stick her head out the roof and Trey is half way out the window, while driving through Salem. We decided the torch run is the only time we can get away with driving next to policemen and not worrying about seat belts and car seats.

Addie lost another tooth. She was very excited about this tooth. She had been working on it since before Christmas.

Every Wednesday we tend my nephew, Chad. All of my kids adore him. It has been nice to use the triple jogger again.

Peyton is our mechanic. He really likes to help his dad and uncle Foed work on their cars and bikes.

Addie went on a shopping trip with her Grandma Patty and she got this beautiful dress.
I think that about covers our last week. I am way excited for Summer. No more bad weather please!!!