Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!!

My children act like every night when daddy gets home is a party! They are so happy and pleasant. They aren't ever as pleasant for me. Well I watched them play tonight. I know why they are so happy with their dad. I am not nearly as FUN!I have learned that boys like to be tossed in the air
turned up side down

wrestle, wrestle and more wrestling

and of course shoot hoops.

And horsey rides.
Addie was a good sport! Really she didn't want to miss out on the photo action
I am glad that Landan takes time to just play with his kids. He is a pretty good guy!


Allison said...

Yeah I think it's a kid thing. My kids are the same way. dads get all the fun!!! We have to clean and cook and are worn out and can't play! We do whip out a little dog pile on Dad time once in a while. it's fun to be one of the kids for a minute.

The Jensens said...

I agree, Kelton will ask all day long when anthony is going to come home, and then as soon as he gets home he is at his side for the rest of the night! I actually really enjoy it, LOL- it gives me a break. I love that addi is giving trey a horsie ride.

Megz said...

On the other hand.... maybe daddy would never come home if he knew how unpleasant they could be.
I'm willing to let Leon be the Fun Guy if it means I can sit on the couch and relax while he's the one doing all the hard work of throwing and catching kids (gotta love that imagery!)

Kirsten said...

What is it about the kids and their dads! I guess it's that they don't have to do all the yelling... just all the playing! :) Landon looks like a great dad!

The Mathews Four said...

Those are the kinds of pictures that make the Grammy's get shivers and scream at their sons! He looked like he was having fun, though! So I totally thought about you today... as I was pulling away from the drive up and slurping my straw inside out to get to the delicious Diet Coke... and then I stopped right before getting onto the road and buckled up my seat belt! *wink*