Friday, February 12, 2010

an Addieful week

It has been an interesting week with Addie. I will share a couple of the stories.
The first situation is I started receiving Congratulation emails from mother helpers in Addie's class. Apparently she told them I was pregnant. I immediately responded back with thanks but Oh my Gosh I am not pregnant. I am wondering how many other people out there she has told. She didn't deny the fact that she had been telling people. She simply just said that I look pregnant. (Thanks Addie I really appreciate that)
Situation #2 Addie made a little girl in her class cry by telling her she was allergic to her. A woman in my ward told me about it and that she talked to Addie about how that hurt her feelings so Addie apologized and they were friends again. At home I asked Addie why she said that. Her response was " Mom, I think I am allergic to her. So I asked why and she said "because every time I am around her I start itching." So I explained to her that even if she thinks it is true she shouldn't say things like that. She replied, " I know mom that is why I wrote her a note saying sorry that you make me itch." Addie performed at the Covey Center yesterday. She did a beautiful job. She has great stage presence and can really point her toes. Watching her dance her heart out made me feel less irritated with her.
Addie's good friend Janessa that is in her class.
Addie is so lucky to have three sets of grandparents that came to watch her. Pictured above is Addie with Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery


cold cocoa said...

Wow- she's a dangerous one. Telling people you're pregnant? Did you have carbonation bloat or something?
Funny stories though.

Michelle said...

Esther did that, too. I was not thrilled. The allergic thing worries me more. Girls, especially post-baptized ones, are really catty. I hope they grow out of it.

Megz said...

Maybe you can just enroll Addie in a dance academy full time so you don't have to worry about the negative stuff. And maybe have her be the only one enrolled so you don't have to worry about any conversations she's having.
I'm pretty sure I want my girls to stay 3 and under. This girl stuff is starting to scare me.

Harmony said...

Anthony and I laughed like CRAZY about the note she wrote to that little girl! Between your kids and my kids we should put a book together of all the funny things that they say! I wish we would have known about Addie's dance. I love to watch her dance!!

Diana said...

I know it was probably inappropriate for Addie to tell that little girl that she was allergic to her and as the mother, I would have been horrified just like you, but reading it.... I actually laughed pretty hard. Apparently I get my pleasure from your pain. My bad.

The pregnancy thing, I can't believe that. Every picture I've seen of you that you post you look nothing like the pregnancy bliss I get to deal with. (I swear I'm my own zip code.) My neighbor just down the street told me her son did the same thing awhile back but she has a bit more, ahem, 'fluff' than you do. I can hardly wait until Alex begins to alarm and offend me with her childlike version of reality. Hardly wait. And I'm sure because she is my child blessed with my voicebox and filter, she'll have some doosies. Woooo.....Hoooo.....

PS... in reference to your comment on my blog, I WOULD HAVE drop kicked that lady. Of all the nerve!