Tuesday, March 22, 2011

miss payson 2011

Addie with new Miss Payson 2011
It was an interesting year for miss payson.  This was 8th year doing the choreography.  My choreography compared to years before was very tame.  However, for the first time I had a girl complain that it was too Provocative.  She was so offended by it that when I said I wouldn't change it for her she decided to opt out of doing the production number.  I couldn't get the video to upload so if you want to see it check it out on facebook.
Addie of course, was thrilled to be a part of things.  After the pageant she had all of the contestants sign her program and get pictures with her favorite contestants.
first attendant
Second attendant
This girl was Addie's favorite. She won miss photogenic


T said...

now - to be fair - I am usually ALL about defending people's choice to be more modest/more whatever... but I watched that video and just didn't get it... it would be interesting to know what exactly she found inappropriate.

Megz said...

I personally think you should have combined the production number with the swimsuit portion. Much more exciting...

Sher said...

Nice pictures. I know the winner and first attendant a bit but I haven't seen them in a while which explains why I would have had to think really hard to identify them. It looks like Addie was having a marvelous time. Is she hoping to be in the pageant one day? Megz told me about the coreography fuss.

Diana said...

The only thing I can figure is the hip shake and for heavens sake, it's not like you are doing a pelvic thrust or something. That wasn't provacative. They are in 4 inch heels and dresses, not to mention different levels of ability. What type of dance did she expect? Spinning, raising arms, and shoulders (up and down - so not even back and forth to potentially be offended of shakin' the 'ladies'). I think some people just live for drama.

Good job. Is the queen a relation to Naomi Bolz? She's my age and was one back in the day. Just wondered if it was a blood thing they are so successful at pagaents. :)

Lacee DeG said...

Next time you should do a topless number, or perhaps add in a stripper pole. LOL! I bet she just hates and/or stinks at dancing!!