Friday, December 16, 2011

a whole bunch of craziness

Addie was in the nutcracker again this year.  She was a medium mouse.  Hopefully when she is in it again two years from now, she will get to be something different.

 After the Nutcracker, Addie and I rushed to the Heelis Party to see Santa.  She made it in the nick of time.

 We made our annual sugar cookies.  It is nice to know I can still decorate cookies better than 3 people in this world.

 We had our family pictures taken.  The DeGraffenried Family Photo. Pretty cool, I think.

Landan and I have our first updated picture together since 2002

 So I had a crazy experience with the Santaquin Church fire. I drove passed the morning we heard about the fire.  I happened to see that my dad was there.  So I decided to see if I could go in.  I walked in, no one said a word.  So I walked down the hall and up the stairs to where my dad and Bones were talking to the investigator, church architect and firemen.  The church architect handed me a flashlight and told me to look around.  I was horrified with what I saw.  I got out my camera and started taking pictures.  When I got home I wanted to show my local facebook friends that there was a lot of damage done to the church.  I had no idea my pics would spread so far and so fast.  I was contacted by the Santaquin paper who asked if they could use them on their website. After checking to make sure that was ok I gave my permission.  What I am extremely shocked about, however, was to see my pics on FOX 13 news.  I never gave permission to anyone.  They were just there with my name above the photos.  I was kind of freaked out that my pictures had traveled that far. So I found out the reason my pictures were so high in demand is because the media was not allowed in where I had been taking pictures.  Who knew my pictures would actually be the only ones out there?  I sure didn't.

It was horrifying to see.
Below is the link to the actual news broadcast that my photos were on.,0,571227.story


cold cocoa said...

Yikes...that is scary. Those images would stay with you for a long time! So sad.
How crazy for the photos to travel that far. You should have gotten paid for them!

LC said...

Is that the church where G and G H. had their funerals? What a tragedy to have a church burn.
I'm thinking how amazing it is that you were able to take photos and have them end up on the news!!! Cool.

Anyway, loved your big family photo. That is priceless. Yours and Landan's is so nice too.

Wouldn't Addie make a wonderful Clara?

Megz said...

total craziness.
I'm glad you didn't get jailed for those pix.

Sher said...

I'm sad the church got burned. That is an interesting story about your pictures! I'm kind of surprised they let you take them in the first place -- though I'm not sure why. I liked all of the pictures. That big long family one is cool.

Harmony said...

First of all I LOVE that picture of you and Landan! I can't believe that Fox 13 just took your pictures without even asking...that is SO wrong! I love the picture of the the picture of christ hanging on the wall with everything around it destroyed. Pretty awesome!

jo said...

So sad what happened to the church...crazy stuff about your pictures, too!