Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boys will be boys!

I have discovered that boys are quite different than girls even when they are babies and toddlers. Trey and Peyton think that having fun is being destructive or wrestling each other. Today, while they were supposed to be napping, I caught Trey in Peyton's crib. The two of them were wrestling and jumping. Trey landed a few times on Peyton's head which apparently is funny because both of them burst in to giggles.

Bath time always ends up with the bathroom floor being flooded because it is much more fun to dump the water outside of the tub. BOYS!!!!!

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Denise said...

Steph your blog is so Cute! I love this little internet world that we all tend to live in and being able to keep in contact with each other.

And your kids... Too cute!