Friday, September 26, 2008

The walk to halloween house

Everyone was excited when we started the walk to Halloween House
Addie enjoyed her visit with this nice old man
Trey didn't think he was so nice!!!
Peyton didn't mind the company
YIKES! That boy on the trike has a knife!!!!


Denise said...

Those pictures are so Cute and Fun! I took my nephew there last year. This was the 1st year he dared go and he ended up having a blast.

Here is the post.

Megz said...

Am I missing something? Why is everybody in Halloween clothes already? Are those from last year since last time I checked the calendar it was still September...

stephanie huff said...

Actually, the halloween clothes are from last year or hand me downs in Peyton's case. We love to take advantage of Halloween house for the whole 2 months it is decorated. My kids love it!

cold cocoa said...

Wow- you guys are excited for Halloween! I love it. We used to have a neighbor that had legs sticking out of the ground at his house- that was always a good trick. Did you buy yourself a Halloween T too?