Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cooking and hanging

Addie and I have started a new tradition of baking together once a week while the boys nap. so far we have made a lemon cake, carrot cake and this week we made chocolate chip cookies. Addie is quite the baker.

Cookies and milk!

Lately, my kids favorite toy is the bunk bed in the boys room. It has turned into quite the playground. It might as well be used for something since Peyton is still in the crib and 75% of the time Trey ends up sleeping on the floor.

Good times!


Denise said...

That is so good that you are teaching her to cook. I had NO IDEA how to cook when I graduated from highschool. I didn't even know how to make Jello. haha

cold cocoa said...

Your gymnasts have good form! Kids are so great at finding those hidden treasures in the home.

Megz said...

Noelle is banned from the bunk beds because she only wants to play on the top one and her jumping skills are not as advanced as she'd like to believe.
Good job on baking with Addie. She may take over the kitchen before you know it.

Harmony. Anthony. Kelton. Kynley. said...

what a fun mom to bake with her. I am always saying that I need to do more of that with Kelt. maybe I will some day. LOL!! I love the picture of trey and addie both hanging on the bunk bed- Way cute!

Evans Family said...

I love baking with Kylie. Although, sometimes she has some very creative ideas about what we should add that I have had to be creative in my reply as to why that ingredient would probably not work.

Jill said...

Parker uses his bunk bed set like the uneven bars. It scares me to death. But hey, what's another broken arm? besides a slight glitch with my dcfs agent

You are such a good momma. I love to cook with my kids too. We should swap some recipes.