Friday, March 27, 2009

Landan turns 32

It is the big 32 for Landan. Here is a little info about the old stinker
He enjoys a good mountain dew. I don't know a Huff boys who doesn't do the dew

His true loves are his mountain bikes. Yes, bikes plural. As you can see there is evidence of four of them right here. He loves everything about these bikes: a gorgeous ride, fixing them, or just sitting in the garage staring at them. (I actually catch him doing that quite often)

He is a good dad. He plays with his kids regularly. Every Saturday he takes one of them out for a daddy date.

This guy who refuses to look pleasant in a picture also is a hard worker. He tries to allow me to have some free time. In fact, he will have the boys for an entire weekend while I take Addie on a girls weekend in St. George. Bless his heart!! It will be a challenge for sure.

and last but not least, he doesn't mind singing happy birthday to himself as shown in this clip. Happy birthday Landan. I hope you have a superb day!!!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Landan! Man, you are OLD!

Megz said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite non-blood cousin. Buy an MD on me! Or better yet, buy an MD for me.

Denise said...

That is So Cute! What a Great Guy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANDON!

Harmony. Anthony. Kelton. Kynley. said...

Its all true! Happy Bithday Lan!! I can't believe he is the reverse of me...32..23. Ha ha...cute cake!

cold cocoa said...

What a good wife you are to do a nice tribute. I hope the day was great!