Tuesday, September 8, 2009

way too much fun for Labor Day

WINNER!!! Peyton is the Grand Prize winner in the Payson Onion Days baby contest. He won a 100.00 savings bond. That was super exciting.
Addie was in the Payson parade for being Little Miss Santaquin. She loves this and will be sad there are no more parades during her reign. lol

Peyton hates the parades. The noise really scares him. Thankfully Grandma Patty was there to rescue him.

After the parade we went to Lagoon. We left PJ with Grandma Patty so it was just the 4 of us with all of the Huff family. Addie loved everything

Trey hated everything.

Except for the water. He loved this and could have stayed all day in this one spot.

Addie had a great time playing with her many cousins around the same age. It was fun to see everyone.


Diana said...

Addie is so stinkin adorable! I love that she totally gets into the whole thing. :D

Alex is the same way with the sirens. But this year she rode in the fire truck with Grandpa Roger and Grandma Mary Ruth.... at least in the company of her cousins, she put her game face on and didn't cry. And even did a little music directing to the bag pipe band. Of course I have pictures... on my mom's camera. I'll get them about 2020.

Good job on going to Lagoon rather than the carnie. That thing is a rip. Well for my mom that is. For me it was just good times watching Alex who TOTALLY loved the cars that go around in a circle OVER and OVER again. :)

Megz said...

Can Addie handle the competition of her little bro winning some contests? Hopefully they'll never be in the same beauty pageant!

Maybe Trey will love Lagoon by the time he's old enough to buy his own ticket. Or when he can run around with cousins like Addie.

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

They're such cuties! Little miss! and 100 Dollars? Man, that's worth the pain of a baby contest, maybe I'll do it. Looks like Lagoon was lots of fun!

Kirsten said...

cute. cute. cute. I have never been to Lagoon. is it fun? looks fun for the kids.

Harmony said...

I Love that picture of my mom and PJ!! SO SO cute!! Addie was so serious when we were calling her name. She just treated us like everyone else the same smile and same wave..funny funny girl!