Saturday, January 16, 2010

The joy of having a 2 year old

Doesn't Peyton have such a sweet innocent face? This kid is my little terror. He is so much trouble. All day long is spent saying "NO PJ" "Stop it PJ" "put that back" "get out of there" "quit hitting the wall" "quit hitting your brother"....... anyway you get the idea. Lately Peyton's favorite game is hide and seek. Meaning he hides things around the house that I need and I search all day for them.

The wipes in the dryer.

hand soap, toothpaste, dish soap, deodorant, anti bacterial wipes all found in the bottom of the refrigerator.

He has also recently decided he wants to be a baby again. He wants to take his naps in the baby carrier. Can you imagine if I had to carry his 33 pounds around in that?

So this is NOT Peyton. But I had to add a picture of Trey doing his new cool moves. He has really decided he likes to "get down' He is so funny to watch. So You think you can dance season 25 you better watch out.


Diana said...

Maybe the wipes should go in the dryer. And the toothpaste should go in the fridge, cuz that's the before and after of food. Sort of.

That's funny about your little men.... they sure keep your life entertaining.

PS. I'm glad that with all the dance movies and such coming out, it's starting to be "cool" for guys to dance too. I hope he is a star on So you think you can dance..... he should start repaying his dividends to his parents right? :)

Megz said...

I remember finding a precious item in the dryer once after looking all freakin' day for it...Maybe if you just put a tracking device on Peyton you could trace all his steps.
Love Trey's moves. I bet he was jammin' out to the ABCs.

Lacee DeG said...

OH! I'm having horrible flashbacks from Maddux...Finding random things in random places. Never in the fridge, though, or the dryer! Phew! I hear girls are angels..I'm counting on it because I'm just NOW finally getting the random things put back in their places. How liberating it was to get the combs out of the phonebook drawer!

It's Me! said...

Your boys are so Funny!!! I love all of the items in your fridge. haha

Michelle said...

Your 2-year-old is 33 lbs.?! Wow no wonder little Adam is off the charts small. How tall is he?

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

That's hilarious Steph! 2 year olds bring about such silly behavior don't they?