Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas break

So I decided to take Addie and Trey to see "the chipmunk squeakual" this is the first movie for Trey. Everything was exciting for him, especially since I let them get the kids meal. All was well until the movie started. It took Trey awhile to adjust to volume of the movie. He spent maybe the first 15 minutes with his hands over his ears.
after he adjusted to the noise he was great and loved it!

Landan went to Arizona for a few days to work so I was alone with the kids on New Year's Eve. We partied hard with silly string and noise makers.

This is the first year all three of the kids were excited to celebrate. We also went to a party hosted by Bones and Lacee. The kids played downstairs and caused a lot of mischief. The adults played games upstairs.
After the party was over, Addie insisted on staying up until midnight to see the ball drop. At 11:54 we lost her to slumber. She was so upset in the morning when she realized she didn't make it until midnight. Better luck next year!
Happy new Year!!


Shortcake and Company said...

Silly string and noisemakers...the two perfect things to a New Year's party. Trey is pretty cute about the movie too. Fun times!

Megz said...

Bummer Addie missed it by 15 minutes. Maybe you should have given her more DC....
Looks like a grand celebration. I'm sure Landan felt horrible to miss it!

Lacee DeG said...

You're a brave woman taking THREE kiddos to the movie! I thought it was very clever and Maddux loved it, too! So sad for Addie...I can sympathize! Glad you had fun, here, I thought it was super AND the nibs were definitely a hilight!! We nominated you to host next year...SUPRISE!! We'll see who will actually remember by the time next eyar rolls around!

Diana said...

We took Alexandra to Princess and the Frog on New Years Eve. The noise of the previews scared the begeezus out of her too. Must they have it so danged loud? We'll all have hearing problems soon. But once she climatized she loved the movie too. Her first as well. See? I told you. We live parallel-ish lives.

If it makes Addie feel any better, she made it longer than I did. I am totally okay with the fact that I am old and uninteresting and well-ish rested. :)