Tuesday, August 24, 2010

second grade sassiness

Addie was up and ready for school this morning before the sun was up.  She woke me up and said "mom I am ready for school.  I did my hair and everything.  Let's go"  I had to inform her she still had a couple of hours until it was time to leave.  She was also super excited that I said I would walk her to her class this morning, since Landan could be home with the boys. She asked me if I would take picture of her in her classroom. She also mentioned many times that she had tingles in her tummy.  We head off to school and the minute we park the car Addie is out the door and running.  I yelled for her to slow down and her response was " Ugh Do you have to walk in with me?" So I remind her that she wanted me to. She says "Fine" We walked into her classroom with only one other student so far.  I told Addie sit at your desk so I can get a picture.  She does the big eye roll and looks at the little girl in the classroom like she is just so embarrassed.  I went home deflated because mom went from being the coolest ever to embarrassing in about 5 minutes.  I knew this day would come. sigh

In other news: Trey threw up on me while I was writing this post. At least it was just me and the kitchen floor and not on the carpet.


Megz said...

Cute outfit.
I would have died to have my mom take my picture at school and I know my kids don't want it either, so I'm always surprised when I see how many picture-taking moms at school there are!
Ike also gets super mad if I volunteer to help out in his class--I don't get it because we all know I'm the funnest mom ever.

Diana said...

ROFL. Now if it were me, I would be bawling since I'm going to need therapy now that Alex tells me (now that I work from home full-time) that she just likes her daddy now. If I specifically ask her if she likes me too she will say "Yes, but I like Daddy." I'm so used to being the highlight of her life. And if I hear during the day "I want my daddy" one more time.....

Prolly too late for this, but you should hold that picture she requested at her classroom ransom until she un-rolls her eyes at you. Not sure how that works, but with her creativity, I'll bet she could figure it out.

What was my point again? Tangents...let's get some.

LC said...

I'd much rather be thrown up on then have it land on the carpet.
What a day!
Kate hasn't been able to find someone to ride bikes with on the first day of school (Thurs.) because everyone's mom is driving them so they can take a picture with their teacher?!
I did not know about this trend...I'm so out of the loop.