Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first day of preschool

the 4 cousins in the same class
The school year has officially started.  Trey is excited to have several of his cousins in the same class.  He did really well this year.  No tears or sadness with going.  He was actually quite excited.  This year the tears came from PJ who wanted to attend school too.  I had to carry him out kicking and screaming!
Trey and Waylon on the way in the doors for a very exciting first day of school
Trey was still happy to see me once school was out.  He apparently had been needing to use the restroom for quite some time but was not about to ask his teacher to go.  I really hope he gets over that shyness.
PJ had a blast at the city center.  They had lots of fun things set up as part of "get healthy week"  He threw a mighty temper tantrum on this slide because someone rudely suggested he wait his turn instead of getting in front of everyone.  The nerve of some people. tee hee!  Also notice the mismatched socks.  PJ has decided he dresses himself and this day he not only wore socks that didn't match but also two different shoes.  He is quite the character.


Megz said...

Yay to preschool where half the class is related. But why does one of the cousins look like he belongs in 1st grade?
Maybe if you're lucky you can sneak PJ into preschool without anybody noticing.

Diana said...

I frequently have the same struggle not throwing a toddler sized tantrum every time I stupidly forget not to go to WalMart on a Saturday night and all the world has decided to rush to the check-out RIGHT BEFORE I get there.

I totally feel for PJ. Hang in there lil soldier.

Alex's first day of preschool is Sept 8. I'm starting to internally freak out right now. Prolly last right on through H.S. graduation.

Linsey said...

Isaac too is struggling with not going to school. Next year can't get here soon enough for him. How fun for Trey to be in the same class as his cousins.