Sunday, September 26, 2010

sleeping beauty

Addie performed in sleeping beauty this weekend.  She and cousin Hallie were both blue birds and bees.  They had a lot of fun this summer preparing for it.
Addie with the Lilac fairy and sleeping beauty
with their flowers after the show

Waylon and Brooklyn went to the matinee.  They all had fun before we left for the show, playing and posing for pictures.   The bees are stinging poor Waylon and Brooklyn

Brooklyn trying to catch those naughty bees.
It was a fun show.  I am glad we are done with it.  It was a loooong day!


Megz said...

Glad it's you're just going to have to work on the next production.
Love the costumes.

Diana said...

was this for like a community theatre or something?

Super cute costumes! and I love how much Addie loves to pose in pics. It's hysterical. :)