Monday, September 6, 2010

yard sale/labor day

some of the cute clothes I sold.  It was a little sad to say goodbye to the baby stuff
I had my first ever yard sale on Saturday.  It was a lot of work!!  I did manage to bring in a couple hundred dollars.  However, I gave away two boxes of free stuff at the end.  Thomas and Meghan also gave the desk they didn't sell for free.  The people seemed really appreciative so it made it worth it.  The kids who were the recipients of the free toys were so excited like it was Christmas.  It was really a" feel good moment" 

 I was sicker than a dog running my 5k this morning.  Carlene told me that was no excuse not to run.  So I ran it.  I did okay.  I took 3rd in my age group and 15th in women's.  But I really felt horrible.  These picture were taken by my cousin Jared.  I just wish My eyes didn't show signs of my unhealthiness.


Diana said...

Carlene is a drill sargeant! :) Go home and slurp on diet coke while Landon fans you with a palm leaf and feeds you grapes because your kids have all simultaneously decided to take 3 hour naps.

Doesn't that sound like heaven? :)

Good job on your performance even though you were sick. And also on your yard sale. I'd like to give one of those a go, but then I really lack the motivation to do so. :)

Megz said...

Yard sale-ing and running are two things I'd not want to do while heatlthy, let alone sick. Good job on surviving both.

LC said...

I've never tried to put on a yard sale. I usually end up chucking everything over to D.I. but the extra money sounds great!