Friday, November 19, 2010

when you've only got a 100 years to live

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be older.  That is until I turned 28..Suddenly I realized that many years had escaped me.  Now I am getting older way too fast.  My kids are growing up too fast.  My life is passing before my eyes and I am not ready.  I haven't accomplished anything yet.  "15 there's still time for you".. where was five for fighting when I was wishing those years away.

2010  has not been a good year.  In fact it probably goes down as one of the worst years of my life so far.  But it has been a year of growth(not physically, I hope) in fact I may have aged 3 or 4 years this year in knowledge and understanding.  However, amongst all the hard times I still feel blessed.  I still have great family and friends and everything we need to survive as a family. 

List of good and fun things this year

went to Disneyland
Landan got hired at FedEx
Addie turned 7
Trey turned 4
Celebrated 12th anniversary by going to Vegas
ran a lot of races with one of my favorite sisters
Both boys gave up the diapers. (super good thing)
got to go to 5 birthday dinners of my closest friends since High school.  I am so happy since graduating 15 years ago that we still get together for each others birthdays.  I have the best friends.
expanded my dinner menu.  thanks to a favorite cousin with an awesome food blog.
Had a girls trip with my mom and sisters
Had a girls trip with Addie, Carlene and Hallie
Had a boys trip with Trey, Carlene and Waylon.
Peyton turned 3
We have all been fairly healthy and that is a great thing
 I believe we are the masters of our fate.  We can't control some things but we can control how we get through them.  In about 24 hours I turn 34. This year is about having no regrets, moving on, and making the best of things  cause "every day's a new day"

                                Photos were taken by Jared Heelis


Denise said...

Oh how I NEEDED to read your post. Thanks Stephanie! I hope the rest of your year is SO FABULOUS and that many great things will come your way. You definitely deserve it.

2010 has been a tough year. Definitely mine and Heaths toughest year by far. Though there is one year when I was single that beats how crappy this one has been and I'd rather have this year hands down.

Here is to a better year! :)

Linsey said...

Congratulations on surviving. Sometimes that is the most we can hope for. Good job focusing on the good stuff too, that is always cathartic. Happy birthday!

Michelle said...

Birthdays after 30, hmmm. Happy birthday. Mine are more now a period of mourning the loss of my twenty's when I was supposed to have become accomplished in something. Instead I did the most important thing I could have done and yet the world doesn't recognize, I had kids. Same as you. Good luck in this next year and I hope it is better than the last.

Effie said...

Love it Steph! Beautiful pictures too!

Marche said...

thanks for posting this, sometimes you go in life and wonder if you are the only one that lives a hard and tumultuous life. It made me grateful for my challenges, and also aware that I am not the only one with things that make me wonder if I can go on. Thanks for sharing your strength. I don't know you too well but what I have seen, you are an amazing mother, when I would go to the bowling alley with Branden and watch you with your kids, and with your mom, I envied it. I wish I had a relationship with my mom like you do yours. I hope that your 2011 is filled with much joy and happiness! It is so true how time flies and our children grow so quickly right before our eyes, cherish every moment... Thanks again for your post!

Megz said...

I like how you itemized the good things that happened this year and not the bad. That helps put things into perspective.
May your blah Sunday Birthday be Fabulous and may you have more inner growth with less challenges!

cold cocoa said...

I'm assuming that is me you are mentioning! I feel awesome. Glad to have been a help!
I'm glad too you focused on the great things, because those are what keep us going during all the hard times.

I'm sad you have a Sunday bday. Mine last year was the pits! But hopefully your today plans make up for it!

Diana said...

I concur. How come all the years of my life aren't as long as the one between 15 and 16?

And way to be optimistic. That's probably in the top 5 reasons why I keep a blog. Becuase everyone has problems, the last thing people want to read is problems and whining all day long. Blogging makes (helps) me focus on what is right about my situation. :)

Pretty photos btw.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in advance, of course) :)