Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween and such

 October was a very busy month.  It seems like we had an overload of fun activities and not so fun activities.

Halloween adventures took up a lot of our time.  We went  to a family Halloween party with an awesome haunted house.  Trey had a school trunk or treat and Addie had a Halloween party at her school.
 We had SEP conferences.  For the most part Addie is doing great!  She told me before the SEP that her teacher would say she needs to work on her handwriting, quit talking so much and stay in her seat better.  Guess What?  Addie was exactly right.  Next time why bother hearing it from the teacher.  I will just ask Addie and save me a trip. Ha ha!

On Halloween (utah halloween) I ran a Halloween 5k and managed to be the top female finisher.  I was awarded with 2 Jazz tickets.  The seats are right behind the Players bench.  I wish I cared.  We also went trick or treating.  Trey and Peyton loved it.  Addie complained about being cold the whole time.
 We also went to pirates pizza this month.
 Trey's preshool class
 Addie and her besties at her school
 Addie with cousin Gracie and cousin chad
 My kids on Halloween
Trick or treating wagon style.


Michelle said...

Nice wagon. I bet it made for a whole lot less complaining.

Megz said...

It was too cold for my girls too. I guess they don't care that frost bite is worth the price for some extra candy.
Mitch was smart and switched his costume from 'mad scientist' to 'snow boarder' so he was actually sweating by the time he got home...

LC said...

Great job! Even I would be excited to watch a Jazz game with those seats!
Halloween is becoming crazy-busy like Christmas. I'm glad to move on to a more mellow Thanksgiving.

Diana said...

I totally should've done the wagon thing. Put a pumpkin on the side of it.

You are genius.

Linsey said...

Congrats on winning the 5K. Too bad they didn't let you dictate the prize. Cute kiddos, as usual.