Thursday, February 2, 2012

fun events

Addie and Trey attended the region reflections contest assembly.  Trey Won the primary division in dance choreography and will be moving on to the state competition.  Addie received an award of merit (same things as second) in the secondary division also in dance choreography.  They both did a fantastic job and it is quite an honor for them to have made it this far.

Addie was in a dance performance " Alice in Topsy Turvy Land" she was a sugar lump. She was the very cutest brown sugar lump on the stage.

The class I teach was also in the dance program.  they were hopping bunnies and boy could they hop!

It was a good program. 


Michelle said...

Wow. Congrats to your great kids. What a good Mom you are to get them so involved. I'm good if I can remember to make my kids walk to piano lessons.

Diana said...

So cute! What good dancers your kids are.... of course you will take the credit when they win dancing with the stars or so you think you can dance.

And rightfully so.

Megz said...

She was the smiliest brown sugar lump there ever was.

LC said...

And the most graceful sugar lump there ever was.
Very cool that you guys have all this dancing and choreographying going on. What a fun talent to have.

Sher said...

I didn't know you teach a dance class. Way to go! That's pretty great that your kids did so well in reflections and I liked all of the pictures. Addie is a pretty dancer.