Friday, January 27, 2012

out with the old in with the new

 I am now the proud owner of two white mini vans. yes, that is right.  I purchased a new van. Just like the old one it is white with gray interior.  However, it is much nicer than the old one.  It is a 2010 Chrysler town and country.  Landan is so disappointed in me.  He can't believe I would choose to buy a new vehicle and get another mini van.  Well, I will bear my testimony of minivans.  They are super convenient when you have kids.  They are cheaper than most SUV's and they get better gas mileage.  So there!!  We are trying to sell our old one.  So if you know anyone that wants a salvage title 2005 Saturn Relay with 138,000 miles on it and stained carpet, permenant marker on the seats and missing ceiling lights, send them our way.

 Trey, PJ and cousin Waylon, started playing basketball at the city.  It is a group for 3-5 year olds.  My boys think it is pretty awesome.

 Trey is showing some skill in basketball.

The Unified Special Olympics tournament was on Tuesday. Unified means that each team is made up of two special Olympic athletes and two non special Olympians (peers)  All of our teams did great.  The one I play on got the silver medal.


LC said...

I'm totally in support of minivans for all the reasons you mentioned plus the stow-n-go. And what other car has auto sliding doors that are so convenient for picking up and dropping off?!! Yes, definitely the best family choice. I love mine, (even w/the sticky stuff in the cup holders and the cheerios in between the seats.)

BD is participating in Unified volleyball this upcoming weekend. Good stuff!

Megz said...

Minivans are hot.
That lineup of b-ball players really emphasizes Waylon's height doesn't it?
Good to see your boys engaged in productive uses of energy!

cold cocoa said...

Great looking van! I do wish it was easier to keep them clean- kids just have a way of putting the grossest stuff in those cup holders!
Hope you can sell your older van.

Sher said...

We went to the car show not long ago and looked at what could replace our van, but really, the vans were the most convenient and economical and so I'd end up getting one again too. I'm glad your boys and their cousin are enjoying ball.

Diana said...

From past experience, I can tell you magic eraser gets sharpie out of carpet. I did take to it right after it happened, so maybe if it's really "set" not so much, but it worked like a charm.

In the future, when we have 3 kids, (not now or in the next 10 months will that happen) I may have to entertain the idea of a van. And then it will take the next 30 years for the person inside me to stop mocking me for my decision.

I'm to the point for gas mileage only to consider it. Tyson may very well veto that since he's already vetoed some SUV's cuz they look too much like a minivan.