Monday, March 26, 2012

fun trip with the boys

 Carlene and I had our annual mom and boys trip to St George.  We left on friday.  Here are the 3 boys all loaded to go with their treat buckets.

 We shopped for summer clothes. The boys did not love this part. We tried to go to Pirate Island but apparently it closed down.  This was very upsetting news to the boys.  Finally, the offer of root beer floats at Red Robin turned their frowny faces upside down.
 We went to the sand dunes.  Little baby Raquel came with us on the trip since her mother is still her source of food.  Addie was not happy about Raquel getting to come, being that she is a girl and Addie didn't get to come too. 

 the boys were full of tricks at the sand dunes.

After they were nice and dirty we took them to shower at the water park.
 They had great fun there until Trey and PJ had the unfortunate incident of butting heads.

 PJ and his massive head were fine.  Trey ended up with a bloody nose and swollen eye.

 My boys had a great time together.  I think they fought way less than normal.

Trey said his favorite part of the whole trip was eating at Denny's. Sometimes little boys are so easily pleased.


Megz said...

Ha. Love that Addie was jealous of the baby.
I would take Red Robin over Pirate Island anyday. You scored on that one.

LC said...

I was thinking you were due for a fun trip!
Sounded like a load of good times minus the injury.

Diana said...

I love kids. I took Alex to Chuck E. Cheese for her 2nd birthday thinking it was next in line for Disneyland. Tyson used all the tokens as she couldn't have cared less. I learned my lesson to take advantage of the small (and usually cheaper) stuff since that's the stuff they care about anyway.

Sher said...

I like that you have fun traditions with your kids and your sister. It sounded like good times and it looked warm. Nice!

Michelle said...

Too bad about the bloody nose and black eye. We love the splash pad and river at tabernacle. We also love the carosel. St. George is a fun place.