Friday, March 9, 2012

I wasn't loving February

 February was full of ailments and doctor visits.  It started out with PJ's arm majorly breaking out.  It looked terrible.  This picture doesn't even show the oozing puss pockets.  I took him to the doc got him on some antibiotics and steroids as well as some good ointment.
 about a week later his arm looked like this.   so much better than before.  Then we started in the drama of Addie being sick. It started with a UTI that went into her kidneys.  She was very sick for a week. After two doctor visits we thought was on the mend.  She had two good days and then started vomiting.  She didn't quit for 5 days.  We had two more doctor visits that week.  They weren't very helpful just a lot of it could be this or it could be that.  As a mother I was very frustrated.  Finally she started feeling better.   We got a call on Monday from the doc saying that they found bacteria in her urine.  So they put her on a different antibiotic.  So far so good!  She has continued to improve and has returned to school and was even able to be in her dance performance last night at the Covey Center.

 She was in two numbers and did a good job.

Cousin Hallie was in this program too.m It is fun to have nieces to watch as well.

PJ makes way too cute of a girl.  He and Addie have been having wars of who makes the best queen. 

I don't know who does in these pics but for now I will have to award it to Addie since she just found out she was selected to be Miss Payson's  little miss and will therefore get to go to the Miss Utah Pageant, where she will get an outfit, a white dress and a crown for being in it.  It is waaay exciting for Addie.  in her words " better than Christmas, birthdays and Disneyland"

So I do have another child that I should mention.  The poor forgotten middle child,  Trey, is doing well.    He is on his very first school field trip!  They are going to the Bean museum and Scera theatre.


Allison said...

Seriously you need to get the healer from me! It would be awesome for your kids skin! We have a vit E stick that is awesome too!

Megz said...

Ah, thank heavens for health insurance.
That was a bummer of a month. Surely March will be better and you won't have to experience any more antibiotics.

Sher said...

Ugg. On to March. I hope it is a healthier month for your family with a happy queen (or two?) and happy children all around.

LC said...

Congrats to Addie. How awesome it must feel to be a beauty queen.

Diana said...


PJ is such a hoot!!! He totally rocks that red ensemble.

How incredibly awesome for Addie! I love that she is so excited to do the queen thing. I secretly hope one of my girls wants to do the pagent thing, since I always wished I could've been Miss Payson. If there were a talent portion of the contest, I may have considered doing Mrs. Utah. But there's not (which is a bummer cuz I never perform for anything but church anymore) AND there's the small issue of really needing some work on my love handles first. some dreams just might have to die hard. :)

Michelle said...

Those arm pictures creeped me out! Good for Addie, though. Hoe fun to be a beauty queen.