Monday, April 9, 2012


 Saturday morning the Easter bunny stopped at our house.  I had told the kids that the rabbit wouldn't come this year because they were getting a new trampoline for Easter.  Several people told me I couldn't do that to them.  So Friday I went out and purchased each a basket with a few items.  I never mentioned anything else to my kids so they should have thought the Easter bunny was still not coming.  However, Trey woke up first Saturday morning and said " did the Easter bunny come?"  and soon after Addie woke up and asked me the same question.  So I told them to go out and look.  That darn bunny did come!!
 here is the new 15 foot trampoline
 At 10:00 am We went to my mom and dad's house for the annual huge Easter egg hunt.  The 5 and unders have their own hunt first downstairs. When their hunt is complete everyone heads outside for the big hunt. I don't have any pictures of the big hunt because I was too bust hunting for prize eggs.  I didn't find any but Landan was nice enough to give me two of his eggs.  Which we later found out was worth 40.00 between the two of them.

 I also went home with these prizes.  The kids also got big bags of stuff from grandma which includes clothes, books and little toys.

The boys got new Easter suits.  Don't they look sharp?  church was lovely.  My kids and I had a discussion about why we celebrate Easter.  I still can't get Addie to understand that we aren't resurrected immediately after we die.

Sunday we went to Grandma Patty's for a hunt.  The kids had their hunt first.  Trey won a lot of prizes.  He was nice enough to share some of his prizes with some of the kids who didn't get any.  The biggest surprise of the night was that after 14 years of Easter egg hunts with Landan's family, I finally won the 100.00 grand prize egg.  Landan's mom had opened up an onion cut out the center and put the egg in it, closed it up and had it in the fridge.
After the hunt we roasted peeps!  I think we all can agree we had a great Easter.


Diana said...

100 dollar egg! Think of all the diet coke's that will buy!

My girls got a hand-me-down 8 foot tramp for Easter too... we'll have to upgrade in a few years, obviously, but it works great for now!

I too won big at the adult easter egg hunt my folks put on. So I had to slide tackle someone and hit another person's bucket causing their eggs to spill.... but hey.. all's far in love and egg hunting.

(No worries, I shared my loot... I don't care for retaliation next year.)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you Easter bunny gives out a whole lot more money than mine does. Can he/she come to my house next year? We just get candy.