Friday, April 13, 2012

the travel wish list

vacations I have been on that I have enjoyed

New York City(my favorite)
Los Angeles(Disneyland)
San Diego
Las Vegas

My wish list in no particular order
Bahamas/florida ( will be going in January)
Prince Edward Island
NYC (again)
Washington DC( had planned and paid to go several years ago but there were terrorist attack threats when we were supposed to be leaving)
Italy, Greece, France, England and Switzerland
San Francisco
New England states

Share your favorite trips or wish lists.  I would love to hear about it.


Diana said...

You have quite the list. I would like to go foreign, but going somewhere they don't speak English scares me. I already feel like I got taken when I went to tiajuna, no matter how cheap I got that faux leather bag.

I want to go to
New York
DC (again)
Take a carribean cruise
Take Tyson on an Alaskan cruise. Not really MY choice, but I know he'd LOVE it.

Michelle said...

Great post. My wish list:
San Diego (again)
PEI as well
A cruise to any or all of the above

LC said...

The easier question would be where WOULDN'T I want to go?!!
the moon.

Mediterranean cruise and Holy Land are tops on my list. I've been craving Hawaiian beaches all year.

LC said...

I can't believe you let a terrorist threat stop you?! :)

LC said...

I just saw the part about favorite trips...hard to narrow it down but these are the very tops:
Florida, New England, Macchu Picchu Peru, Spain, Caribbean cruise, Hawaii, NYC.

cold cocoa said...

Hawaii sounds good right now. As does anywhere in Europe to find the best pastries and chocolate. I am always up for a NYC trip. But this is just making me travel-hungry!

Sher said...

Machu Picchu
Canadian Rockies
I'd like to see Mammoth Cave in KY again to see if it's as cool as I thought it was when I was little.
I'd like to see some old southern plantations.
Maybe the gulf of Mexico.
Lots of places really.

Megz said...

I just want to go to this beach I see on Survivor with white sand and super clear, blue water. Just add some nice amenities (unlike Survivor) and I'd book me a ticket.
I wish I could go on a trip with hub and not worry about inconveniencing anyone with my kids. That kindof takes away from the 'relaxing' part of a vacation.

LC said... is offering a deal for new credit card applicants of 2 free round trip flights after first purchase with card. Wow!! I already applied and was approved.
free travel. win win.