Friday, April 24, 2009

Addie's birthday phase 1: the school party

Addie has been the super kid all week at school, since it is her birthday week. She has been so excited. Being the super kid means that you get to be the line leader and bring a poster about yourself to school and this is totally awesome. Addie has been waiting all year to be the super kid! Today, I came to school and read Addie's favorite book to the class the Color of us
And I brought doughnuts for a birthday treat. Addie was so proud of me and so excited to see me at her school. I decided to really enjoy it because in a year or 2 she will probably be embarrassed of me.

Phase II of the birthday is tonight at the Grandparents bash!!


Megz said...

Maybe she'll be one of those that loves having her mom show up at the high school cafeteria to eat lunch with her.
Happy B-day Addie!

PJ - Our life said...

Blondy really enjoyed the doughnut!!! Highlight of the day!

Diana said...

I remember when there was a treat for the class because it was your birthday! I mean sure, they probably loved you for the sugar, but for one day, everyone in the class regardless of popularity status said thank you and happy birthday. Best day ever. Did I mention I'm a simple person? Yeah.

Happy Birthday Addie! :)