Friday, April 24, 2009

Grandparents and cake

Tonight the grandparents came over for ice cream and cake. Addie loves all of her grandparents very much. They brought her great gifts and we had a great visit with them.
Addie with her Hannah Montana cake

CD boom box from grandma patty

Addie with Grandpa Jim

Addie with Grandpa Huff. G and G Huff gave Addie money to pick out a gift. She want to go right now

Peyton loved the birthday hat. He was just too cute.

Addie riding her new Hannah Montana scooter from Grandma Carla and Grandpa JIM


Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

Looks like she got spoiled! Aren't grandparents the greatest?

cold cocoa said...

Looks like a fun birthday all around! Way to win the class over with donuts!

Megz said...

I don't know who is cuter in the B-day hat---Grandpa Jim or Peyton.
Hope you don't get Birthday overload. We experienced a little of that over here and I've threatened confiscation of presents a few times already.