Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a weekend!!!

On Saturday, we had two Easter egg hunts. The first one was at my mom's house. We all had a lot of fun. In case you don't know my mom does huge Easter egg hunts. There are many cash prize eggs as well as many eggs that just say prize. These eggs you can turn in and choose a prize for them. I didn't find any cash eggs. So receive the BIGGEST LOSER prize. Which is pretty darn good. I got 30.00 for being the biggest loser. I also cashed in some prize eggs and got a great big bag of Swedish fish and very warm snuggly socks.
All of the grand kids find an egg with their name on it. They turn those in for a prize bag from Grandma. All of my kids got outfits and a couple toys. The other cool thing my mom does, is Every Easter she gives each of the grand kids photo albums of all of the pictures she took of them throughout the year. The second Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Patty's was a lot of fun too. This hunt was in the canyon. There was one egg worth one hundred dollars. There was a mad hunt for this egg. Unfortunately Landan and I did not find it. Grandma Patty also has prizes for the grand kids.
This is what Peyton thought of the Easter egg hunts

Trey liked looking at the eggs

Addie received an mp3 player from Grandma Patty. She loves it!! She also got walky-talkies.

Addie and Gracie hunting for eggs

Last night was prom and Kristine, my special sister, was prom queen!! She was very excited to get a crown. She didn't like getting her hair done or wearing makeup. But she had a great time.

Kristine all spiffied up.

My dad practicing dancing with Kristine. The got to dance together last night after they announced the royalty.


Harmony. Anthony. Kelton. Kynley. said...

Did addie even realize that she left all of her eggs in the canyon? lol!! Kristine looks beautiful.

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

Congratulations to Kristine! And congratulations to you Steph on hunting for those hard earned $30! And of course you would buy swedish fish...I remember you had millions of them at your wedding!

cold cocoa said...

What an event for Kristine! That is exciting. I'd love to see your Dad dance.

That is great you won the biggest loser prize. Not too shabby!

Megz said...

Easter is right up there with Christmas for you guys.
Kristine forgot to practice her fake smile for her picture---but she looks lovely nonetheless. I hope she had a curfew....

Denise said...

WOW! Grandma goes to a lot of work for the Easer Egg Hunt! How fun is that and Awesome Prizes.

Your sister looks Beautiful! Was this a Prom that you guys put together or a real prom?

Oh and I amjust about done editing your pictures. I worked on them again lst night and plan on finishing them up tonight. Then hopefully I will have the CD in the mail for you tomorrow. :)

LC said...

Wow that was some weekend. Are you going to know what to do with all that extra cash?

How fun for Kristine to be Prom Queen!