Sunday, May 17, 2009

Addie's dance

This is suppose to be about Addie, but trey needed to show off too. Isn't this awesome?!
Lot of things going on with Addie and dance. She had her final BYU performance on Saturday. She did a good job. This week she has two kindergarten dance performances and her very own kindergarten graduation.

Addie was sick this day(threw up in a garbage can on Spanish Fork Main Street on the way to practice) and she still performed like a champ! I was very proud of her.


LC said...

Wow. Is that first picture like photo-shopped? That is some height!
How lucky that Addie gets to take dance at BYU. She looks so graceful.
I'd puke if I had to dance on the stage! I'm sure Addie had a different reason. What a trooper.

Diana said...

Just like Michael Jordan. Who says dancers aren't athletes!?

Way to power through!

PS. Trey is high. :)

Harmony. Anthony. Kelton. Kynley. said...

Thats an awesome picture of trey!! Addie did such a good job on her performance!!

Megz said...

I'm with LC--that picture of Trey totally looks photoshopped!
Good job Addie!

Denise said...

Great Job Addie! I also love the pic of Landon and Trey. I can't believe how high he was! WOW!~

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Well done Addie- wish I could have been there!

Effie said...

lol, oh those costumes. It's amazing how good of condition they can keep things.

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

What a little trooper. Maybe the nerves were too much for her and she just needed to release some tension? or food?