Saturday, June 27, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow

I have been feeling sort of gloomy with all of the rain. This rainbow is a simple reminder that we can find something to appreciate in most eveything. It all started like a typical day with Trey and Peyton running to the door to see the train go by. As they were giggling with glee, I suddenly felt grateful that my boys lived near a train track for this simple enjoyment.
The train tracks are just a hop, skip and two minute wagon ride from our front yard. So I decided I would take them down to the railroad tracks and hope we would time it right so they could see the train up close.

On the way down Trey saw a tractor and was so excited. I realized we live in a great area for little boys.

Then I started looking around and just really appreciating my surroundings. I love all of the trees and the beautiful mountains.

And then it happened, we heard the train. As the train rushed passed we were so close our feet vibrated and our hair was tossed about. My kids were so thrilled. Once again, I thought of how glad I was that I live where I do.

So I decided to list my favorite things about my neighborhood and town.

We are glad that just down the street from us is a lovely park to play.

I love the red barn for its ice cream and wagon rides to the pumpkin patch.

My favorite gas station. Though it is not the best looking one. when I arrive they come to the window with my diet coke with lemon. I don't even have to order it and I never take the time to hand them my drink card so they keep track for me and every 10th drink, they bring to the window and say it is free today.

I love the Library for my kids as well as for it's historical building.

I love the museum. Not necessarily for the museum, although it is great. But more for the building. I love old buildings. Plus, this is where I went to kindergarten. My classroom is the group of windows on the left of the main doors.

I love the canyon. It is so beautiful. I love that if I decide to go there to look at the beautiful fall leaves, roast marshmallows or go for a hike, I can hop in the car and be there in a few short minutes.

If we really stop to think about it, we are all surrounded by things that make our day to day lives happier. So I challenge all of my blogger friends to think of what they love most in their neighborhoods or towns and blog about it. If you live in the same town as me and have some of the same favorites, I won't view you as a copy cat. Just someone who knows a good thing when they see it.


Diana said...

It's funny how when we stop to realize how many little things we have, that the big things are all just an accumulation of the little things.

I love the gas station. Those are your people for sure.

PS. I will post my tagerrific pic, but you'll have to wait until I locate my camera cord. But to be fair, I haven't posted anything else. :)

Megz said...

That is so funny because just tonight Hub and I were talking about our great view of the mountains from our front window and the open fields in the back and how we really live in a pretty place. (lots of rain, cooler temps and a recently mowed lawn sure help on our feelings of beauty)

PJ - Our life said...

When the gas station already has your drink ready you know it is either time to get help for your D.C. addiction or that you live in a great small town!!

Lacee DeG said...

I love that you actually took a picture of the conoco!! Santaquin is definitely "cozy and friendly". (From Bones!)

cold cocoa said...

I agree! Good post. Coming back into Utah from driving in Idaho (not so pretty) I was amazed at how awesome our mountains are. And I do love that it is still green going into July. That is kind of rare.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Great pics- miss you. I'm coming home on Thursday night. Cokes on Friday?

LC said...

Great post and what an awesome rainbow.
Sometimes I don't think the red dirt surrounding me is so pretty--but maybe that's because too much of it ends up in my house.
I think it's the people that make my neighborhood so great.

Kirsten said...

Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for all that I have! I needed it! Thanks!

Denise said...

I love that post and was just thinking some of the same things about my neighborhood last week.

I had no idea you guys have a Museum. So COOL! ANd the Red Barn and Mountains being so close. So Fun!

Evans Family said...

Thanks for the post. I followed and did one of my own...much needed.