Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fishing and how come no one told me tee ball was hilarious?

We went fishing with grandma chicken Patty( as my kids call her) at Salem pond. My kids had a lot of fun! Peyton is a dare devil and Trey is a scaredy cat! When we are around water I prefer scaredy cats. Look at this fish that Addie caught! She is so very proud
yes, he looks scared but this is amazing that he went on a boat ride. Grandma said he liked the boat ride but was scared of the fish they caught. Funny boy!!

Kelton and Addie doing what they do best chasing each other

love this look

OK moms!! How come none of you warned me that I would be laughing my buttocks off at a tee ball game. Those kids are hilarious and what makes it even funnier is all of the parents on the sidelines screaming. "run the other way" "pick up the ball" " drop the bat" "pull up your pants" I was absolutely entertained. Addie has improved a lot since her first practice. She actually did really well.


Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

That's hilarious! You have inspired me to make sure and put Keizya in Tee ball! I can't wait for that! I love getting a good giggle at the kiddies!

Diana said...

Oh it is hilarious. I watched Charlyn's kids and haven't laughed at a game of softball so much my whole life.

It's at this point whent the parents comments are funny and you don't want to rip their lips off and feed them to them. Enjoy the simple times, for soon, parents at games become a lot less funny.

Megz said...

I wouldn't hold that fish if you paid me.
You don't appreciate the intricacies of tee-ball until your own offspring is victim to them. Our favorite is when someone tries to tag a kid by throwing the ball AT him or the game of chase at home base when the last batter faces off with the catcher.

Kirsten said...

Seriously! I could have told you tee ball was hilarious! I was peyton's tee ball coach last year!! we had kids doing cartwheels on their way to home plate, kids sitting down in left field, a dad who took tee ball WAY too seriously, ect, ect! good times, good times! Have fun! I love it!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I loved the pics on FB- so great. Looks like the kids had a good time. I'm sad I'm not there to enjoy the T ball- I'm sure it's classic!

LC said...

I love the t-ball phrases! Hilarious.