Saturday, July 25, 2009

the 24th

We had a great 24th! It started in the morning at the Healey Home for the Spanish Fork parade. We get to eat breakfast while we watch the parade. Trey had three plates of little hot doggies and wanted more.
Kelt and Addie looking thrilled.

Peyton hated the noise and made Grandma Patty cover his ears for a very long time.
Then it was off to the DeGraffenried festivities. We had a barbecue followed by a treasure hunt for the kids, duck races in the pond, lightening, and finally fireworks!!1

the kids after finding the treasure

A few of the grand kids in their hats, part of their surprises from the treasure hunt

The girls with their wigs, one of the treasures

Everyone had a blast with the fireworks!! Trey was partially terrified but loved them


Megz said...

I'm going to crash one of your 24th parties just to get all the loot. What other holidays can your mom come up with to hand out prizes? Arbor Day?

Kenna said...

You give me so much hope. Thank you for your kind comments. I needed it today, so badly.

Diana said...

I looked for Addie the SF parade... guess it's not meant to happen. :)