Monday, July 13, 2009

making the most of our summer

Friday was a busy day! We went to Payson Lakes with Grandma Patty and Harmony and kids. They all had a great time.

In the evening we had a DeGraffenried swim party. A Deg swim party is not complete without several competitions. There was the no splash competition, the tricky trick competition, feet highest in the air, cannon ball and the big balls competition. Get your minds out of the gutter people. The big ball competition means they have to catch the big ball while jumping off the diving board and throw it and hit someone with it. Loads of fun!!


Diana said...

Looks like fun!

That picture you caught of the guy diving is good timing... looks like he's just touching the water. And that maybe his bum is a little hungry. ;)

Anywho, good work. Keeping busy is what it's all about.

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

man those kids are keeping you busy at the pool aren't they? That's a great story to tell your little boys girlfriends when he gets older about dipping his bread in his sister's pee. Oh, man you definitely saved lots of lives that day at the pool! I was just catching up on your bloggy. You have such a fun family, love it!