Friday, December 4, 2009

Another week

This week has been another busy, fun week.
Addie asked me last night if Elves like candy bars. I said that I was pretty sure they did. This morning I found a candy bar with a letter on our front porch she had written to the head Elf at the north pole. So I ate the candy bar and wrote her a note from Marty, the head Elf, thanking her for the nice letter. I wish Christmas would always stay this magical for kids. But darn it! They seem to grow up too fast. We went to the Light Parade on Saturday my kids had a lot of fun

cousins freezing in the cold.

Landan had Lasik eye surgery. He can see really well now. He asked me why I never told him how hairy his legs were.

We made a gingerbread house with Carlene's kids. The poor house collapsed before it was completely decorated. Oh well! It was still fun


Michelle said...

What did the note to Marty the Head Elf say?

LC said...

Marty the Elf is a clever one! What a cute story.

T said...

hmmmm... I think I need to convince my kids that our head elf loves Ginger cookies more than candy bars :)

Yay for Lasik... if I could just manage to work it into my life and budget :) (he's seriously worried about his hairy legs?)

oh - and one more thing before I stop cluttering your inbox - we learned after a similar experience that the trick is to assemble the walls and roof the day before and give the structure a day to dry before adding candy. But the collapse always makes a better blog/scrapbook page so it's fun anyway :)

Megz said...

I thought I'd already commented but guess it was in my head.
Jealous of Landan's Lasik...but if he can tell that his legs are hairy now, what is he going to think of yours?? heehee
For future reference, have some better treats on hand for Addie to leave Marty. Ben and Jerry's maybe?

Diana said...

Now if only there were a diet coke with that candy bar, maybe Addie would really be on the good side of said "head elf".

I can't wait for Alex to be in this phase.

Oh wait, yes I can. Never ever grow up. :)

Linsey said...

I love the letter to the elf, how clever!