Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas eve and Christmas Day and everything else

December 23rd was a horrible day. At least it was for me. I started throwing up at 6:00 am and kept it up for almost24 hours. However, Grandma Carla took Addie that day to the mall to see Santa. She also came over that night because Landan was driving the big rig and didn't get home until 10 p.m. She fed my kids dinner tucked them in bed and cleaned my house. Grandma (mom) definitely saved the day for me.
Christmas Eve the kids got their new jammies. We went to 2 great parties. First the DeGraffenried party where we had great food, a talent show,pinata and gifts. My kids were spoiled. We got a freezer Hooray!! we needed an extra one.
Then off to Grandma Patty's for more fun! Santa made a surprise visit. The kids were very thrilled. My kids were spoiled again and Trey was so excited to get a stop sign pillow.

Christmas morning was way exciting. Addie received a lot of new clothes and a hannah montana digital camera, beanbag chair etc....

Trey loved his stop sign piggy bank. When he saw it Christmas morning he said " stop sign, you are beautiful" He also was very excited to get an alphabet mat and red big rig like daddy's.

All of the kids love Addie's new hair salon. Trey and PJ did a great job on Addie's hair

Peyton loved his Green big rig the most.

Grandma Carla gave Addie this doll. Addie named it Mackley DeGraffenried Louise after her favorite cousin.
We had a great Christmas! But glad it is over and the decorations are down.
The day after Christmas was another bad day at our house. Landan was sick and threw up on our stairs!! I was so grossed out! Instead of being sympathetic I yelled at him and told him only two year olds can't make it to the bathroom. Poor Landan, he is just so inexperienced with the stomach flu.
we are hoping that we are done with the sick thing and can enjoy the rest of the holiday break.


Lacee DeG said...

Merry Christmas to all! So sad about Landon...looks like he needs WAY more practice at throwing up, or maybe just a bucket!!

cold cocoa said...

Darn- that is no fun to have that stuff in the holiday season!
Glad the parents are through with it so they can take care of any sick kids that will get it, right?

Diana said...

My dad had it Christmas Eve too... and with all the sick going on, I'm surprised I didn't get it. I was sick probably 75% of the Christmases growing up. My immune system sort of sucks. I got screwed in the genetics.

Looks like you had a fun Christmas and at least you little darlings haven't gotten sick (knock on wood). It's miserable as adults, but the kids being sick is the worst on the planet.

Merry Christmas (and I'm glad there is someone out there that bolts to take down the decorations when it's over. It's done. My life should resume normalcy.... and I should have a nap. :)

PJ - Our life said...

Looks like the kids had a great Christmas!! Sucks that you and Landon were sick, hopefully the kids don't get it now!!

Megz said...

That doth sucketh to be sick. And I hope Landan knew that people over the age of 5 can clean up their sick messes themselves.
Score on the freezer! And I can't wait to set up a hair appt. for PJ and Trey to do my hair.

LC said...

Ugh! No fun to be sick. Cannon had it too for 6 days!

Lots of fun gifts over there!

Shortcake and Company said...

Being sick stinks but especially during the holidays. Ainsley wanted the beauty salon too....looks like a ton of fun.