Friday, November 27, 2009

what a fun and busy week

Monday morning I finally registered my car so there is no need to hide from the policeman anymore. Then I rushed home to babysit Carlene's kids. Surprise!! My mom and Carlene showed up at my door with Bajio and Diet Coke. I wasn't really tending they were surprising me with lunch for my birthday. How nice was that?!
Later, when I picked Addie up from school, she came running to the car, "Mom, I won! and they gave me my own debit card." she won the reflections contest in her school in the dance category. She was pretty pumped. She had to go use her debit card (walmart gift card)immediately.
Tuesday, I had to go pick up Addie from school because she claimed her heart was hurting. I have discovered over the years that this means she is worried about something. But the school was concerned so I took her home. Later, I discovered that she was worried about math because she had lost her math homework. She thought the teacher was going to be mad at her. She also was refusing to go to dance because she lost one of her tap shoes. We found the tap shoe and her heart was miraculously healed.
Trey has been cracking me up. He says so many funny things. Some of them are only funny because he is 3 and still innocent. for example, at dinner time blessing on the food, Trey folded his arms and very loudly sang " Heavenly Father had a farm E I E I O" He also announced he wants to be a baseball card when he grows up and has started hitting his head in frustration and saying " son of a bit" I swear it didn't come from me or Landan. Addie insists he got it from watching Elf.
Wednesday My mom and sisters went to see New Moon. I still don't get what all of the fuss was about. But I enjoyed it. I would definitely have to be team Jacob. Edward is too scrawny, has a hairy chest and looks like he wearing lipstick.

We also made Indian head dresses

and sugar cookies on Wednesday. Trey really enjoyed the cookie decorating.

Tuesday, I also went to dinner with friends for my birthday. It is always fun to get together with these girlies.

Thursday, Carlene and I ran in the Earn your turkey four miler. We had a good time! It was really cold and there were like a thousand runners but it was still fun!
This year we also had Thanksgiving with all three families. The Huff's had theirs last week at GC. My parents dined yesterday noonish and then we went to Grandma Patty's for Dinner. It was a great day! Fantastic week... And No, I am not going shopping on black Friday.


Megz said...

Amen on the Edward comment--surely even vampires could use a little spray tan and chest waxing?
Make sure Trey emphasizes the 'bit' part when he's cursing to prevent any interventions from concerned preschool teachers....

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Team Charlie! So good to see you- and everyone else. Happy Birthday and love you!

Diana said...

I have not seen the first of the vampire thingy-movies. Did I miss something? :S

Sounds like an awesome week! Alex said her first swear word, sort of, the other day. She said Dagn, Mom? I quickly told her no, Mommy said Dang. I know she didn't quite hear me cuz she didn't even pronounce it right, but I decided the time of the mommy-filter is in place. I'm not one of those people that think children swearing is SUPER cute....especially if it's my kid. Now the word of choice is "Bummer" and she has thankfully latched onto that one instead of the ones that slip out of my mouth. (completely without warning.)

Michelle said...

If picking up swears from movies is common at your house too, then DO NOT watch Back to the Future. You'll get a couple of doozies. Happy Birthday!